2015 Design Trends for the Living Room

June 22, 2017

If everyone you know comes to you for decorating advice or is always trying to follow your lead in decorating then the only thing on your mind right now is, "What's hot for 2015?" It is still early in the year, but there are some definite trends you want to include in your space now or sometime in the near future. After all, you don't want someone else in your circle to suddenly be thought of as the one to copy, do you?

Paint Trends

Spring is right around the corner, which means you can open the windows for ventilation and start painting. So, what colors are going to dominate this year for the main living room. Well, different lines have their own opinion, but they are all fabulous. If you love Sherwin Williams, you will find a nice variety in the different collections.

  • Pottery Barn - Class French Gray, Sassy Green, Naval, Harvester, Pussywillow, Ebbtide

  • West Elm - Rookwood Sash Green, Roycroft Pewter, Mink, Habanero Chile, Indigo Batik

  • HGTV Home - Mythical, Edgy Gold, Lupine, Tango, Ash Violet, Peppercorn, Thatch Brown

Furniture, Décor, and Tips

Midwest Tropical AquaFalls Wave Floor Fountain

Midwest Tropical AquaFalls Wave Floor Fountain
Dimensions: 84"H x 33"W x 15"D

  • Freestanding Fountains - Just when you think water features can't possibly get any more popular, 2015 comes along. For the living room, a freestanding fountain is the must-have coveted piece, if you have the floor space.

  • Layered Patterns - Mixing patterns was hot for 2014, and once again this design concept is something you want showcased in your living room this year.

  • Warm Metallic - Investing in gold and warm metallic pieces will be high on your shopping list. you can also embark on a few do-it-yourself projects with cans of spray paint. Gold, brass, and variations of warm metals can adorn everything from picture frames to curtain rods to end tables.

  • Lacquered Everything - Move over matte, lacquered is back and better than ever. Just don't go overboard. If you have a lacquered shelving unit, it is going to look a lot more dramatic placed against a matte wall.

  • Eco-Friendly - The concern and love for the environment continues to grow, as it should. So, reclaimed wood, recycled glass art, bamboo flooring, etc., are all going to be important trends for 2015.

  • Healthy Environment - Whether you are an environmentalist or not, you can appreciate a healthier living space. Every day, an increasing number of people are adopting a new healthy lifestyle. These choices reflect in the living space. Freestanding fountain will help clean and moisture the air. Use natural cleaning products and go overboard on plants.