A classic bedroom is one that never goes out of style. If you are not one to normally get excited over passing trends then an elegant but inviting bedroom may be just what you need. A classical look is one that can look dated and even a bit boring though, if not developed thoughtfully. This guide will ensure that your space turns out as beautiful as you are imagining.


Harmony River Floor Fountain - Center Mount

Harmony River Floor Fountain - Center Mount


Create Symmetry

Classic rooms are known for their symmetry. Place the bed in the center of a large wall. To create a perfect balance, position like nightstands on either side and mount a mirror or sconce centered with each one. Now, incorporate décor pieces using a mix of glass, lacquer, and natural materials to ensure the symmetry is anything but boring. You will also want to mix up materials, patterns, and shapes with your textiles.

Create a Color Palette

A classic room is associated with neutrals, but that does not mean your space will end up being two-dimensional. When planned thoughtfully, a neutral color palette can actually have a lot of depth.

Start with three primary colors that are similar, but with different undertones. Flax, taupe, and soft white would be a good trio. Then, add in a muted accent color, such as a restful blue shade, and you have color palette success. Use accessories, patterns, and furniture that are similar in style, but throw in one or two surprise elements to add excitement. Wood-grained wall papers on a wall or a graphical print are examples of surprise elements you do not expect to find in a classic space.

Add a Focal Point

Although you have created symmetry with the wall housing your bed, you still have three other walls to work with. You do not need all of these walls to mirror one another, but you do need one dynamic yet elegant piece that will create a strong focal point without becoming a distraction in the room. Glass water fountains are these perfect pieces. Glass is a timeless material, and when used on a water feature, it creates a truly breathtaking display. There is no color or pattern to conflict with your color palette. All you see is a wall of water cascading to a pool below. This is a great way to put a modern twist on a classic theme, so the room looks anything but dated.