4 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

June 22, 2017

Even the most exquisitely decorated room can get a little boring to look at after a while. If you have fallen out of love with your space, you probably think you have two options: remodel or deal with it. Well, remodeling is not necessarily needed, and it might not be in the budget, but you certainly don't have to deal with it either. Below are four ways to easily transform a room.

Harmony Falls Wall Fountain with Copper Trim

Harmony Falls Wall Fountain with Copper Trim
Dimensions: 95.6"H x 36"W x 7"D

Wallpaper Furniture

Wallpaper sure has come a long way in recent years. The patterns and colors are endless, and there are even online places that allow you to design your own wallpaper. Suddenly, that old end table that still has teeth marks in it from the dog, is turned into a modern piece of art. If you are not comfortable doing it with your current furniture, pick up a few old pieces from a garage sale or flea market. For the smoothest and strongest application, sand the surface lightly and apply a coat or two of oil-based primer. After 24 hours, apply an acrylic sealant.

Feng Shui Elements

Some assume Feng Shui is a lot more difficult than it is. You don't necessarily need to adhere to the rules of furniture placement, etc. By adding the five elements of water, fire, wood, earth, and metal, you can change the way the room looks and feels. Indoor water walls are a must. Start with the water, and then add on. Ventless fireplaces work for fire, earth can be represented by plants, wrought iron works perfectly for metal, and wood is easy to incorporate with furniture or wooden statues.

Picture Canvas

If you are like most, you have hundreds of fantastic photos you would love to have on display, but it is just not ideal to have a ton of framed pictures everywhere. Places like Instacanvas let you create your own print from your photos. The collage gets stretched on a canvas and is delivered right to your door. this is also a really great wedding or anniversary idea.

Stencil a Wall

Okay, you could pay a fortune to have an artist come into your home multiple times to paint a mural, but you could also buy some stencils from the craft store and have a little fun showing everyone just how creative you really are. Always make sure to wash the wall and let it dry completely before starting. This will make sure that it is dust-free.

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