4 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Free of Pests

June 22, 2017

Nothing ruins a good time faster than mosquitoes, wasps, and flies. Plus, you probably do not want to deal with fleas on your pets, or have to constantly clean up dead rodents your four-legged friends have killed and brought to you as a gift. Although you cannot fully prevent all pests from infiltrating your outdoor living space, you can keep the problem at least to a minimum with these helpful tips.

Clean Away Debris

Whether you have a pile of sticks in the yard or last year's leaves that have made a permanent home around the perimeter of your foundation these are things that need to be cleaned. When you give bugs and rodents a place to live, you cannot blame them for making themselves comfortable. Keep in mind too that wood piles kept close to the house can attract termites, which you definitely do not want moving in.

Acqua Terminus Outdoor Water Fountain

Fountain Care and Maintenance

Standing water is a definite problem, when it comes to bugs. If you have an outdoor water feature then basic fountain care and maintenance tips should be kept in mind at all times. If water level drops or the pump is clogged, so it can't do its job then the water cannot circulate. When this happens it becomes stagnant, and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not to mention it takes away from the beauty of the piece, and dirty water can make your feathered friends and other wildlife sick, if they use your fountain as a drinking source.

You do not have to devote a lot of time to fountain care and maintenance. Simply get in the habit of checking the water daily, especially when it is hot out, and clean it before it gets filthy. If it is near a tree, you'll want to pull leaves and branches out daily, too.

Mosquito Repellant Plants

When you go to the nursery to pick up plants and flowers for the season, make sure you buy some that naturally repel mosquitoes. Citronella, horsemint, marigolds, rosemary, ageratum, and catnip are all recommended plants.

Mosquito Dunks

These little treasured gems are miracle workers, especially in the spring when the snow is thawing and leaving behind puddles so big you would swear that you have lakefront property. Mosquito dunks and bits are EPA-registered and eco-friendly. You toss them in standing water, and they kill larvae before it can reach maturity, and typically continue to work for 30 days. They are natural, pet-friendly, and can even be placed in bird baths, ponds, and rain barrels.

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