If you are like many others, the mere thought of wall water fountain maintenance and care may be holding you back from buying one. Perhaps you have your eye on one that would look absolutely stunning in your home, but you are scared of the upkeep. Well, don't be! Most people assume that caring for a wall-mounted variety is so much harder than a tabletop one, but it's really not. Although you can't pick it up and carry it outside to dump, you will be surprised at how easy maintenance is, if you follow these rules.

Contempo Alto Stainless Steel and Silver Mirror Wall Water Fountain

Contempo Alto Stainless Steel and Silver Mirror Wall Water Fountain
Dimensions: 36" x 19" x 6"

  • Maintain Water Level - The most important thing you absolutely have to do is make sure the water level stays at the recommended height, so the pump remains submerged at all times. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, that's because it is! You will look at it every day anyway, so it's not like you have to go out of your way to do this. When you notice the water isn't where it should be, fill a pitcher and pour it in. Water constantly evaporates, which is why the level drops. Most find they need to add water more frequently in the winter when they are running the furnace regularly.

  • Use a Water Treatment Product - Okay, you don't have to use a treatment product, if you fill your fountain with distilled water, but are you really going to load your car up with jugs of distilled water? These fountain products are inexpensive and work with regular tap water to prevent white scale and algae.

  • Don't Turn Off - A lot of people think they will preserve their pump or reduce their energy bill, if they turn the fountain off when they leave the house. This is a huge mistake. When water stops moving it becomes stagnant, so every time the pump is turned back on it has to work even harder to clean. Wall water fountains are designed to leave running all the time, and if you ask around you probably won't find anyone who has noticed an increase in their energy bill.

  • Clean Regularly - Don't wait until the water smells or there is something growing inside to clean it, or else cleaning really will be a huge project. For example, if you wash dishes after every meal it is no big deal. If you leave all the dishes and pans dirty and piled up for two days then it becomes a huge project.

  • Don’t Neglect the Pump - The pump is the most important part of your fountain. Sadly, it often gets neglected. Some people focus on cleaning the fountain because that is all that is seen, but the pump is what keeps the water clean and moving. Clean it thoroughly, and don't forget the tubing, too!