You may never be able to completely eliminate stress from your life, but you can at least turn your home into a stress-free zone. Okay, if you have kids then a stress-free zone may even be farfetched. However, you can at least create a living space that promotes a more relaxed state. After a long day, you should not go home and feel more stressed than you were all day. This is horrible for your health. Use these tips to design a living space that will help your mind relax, no matter how chaotic your day was.

  • Clean the Clutter - Believe it or not; a cluttered room can worsen stress. Your mind is constantly pulled in every direction, seeing things that don't belong where they are. Obviously, if you have kids or pets there is always going to be toys lying around. However, if you have a mail monster growing on your table, and dirty coffee mugs or breakfast bowls still sitting on your dresser from two days ago, this is a problem. Your mind can't relax, if it is focused on all the things you should be cleaning.

Solitude River Three Panel Slate Wall Fountain

Solitude River Three Panel Slate Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 69"H x 78"W x 6"D

  • Indoor Waterwalls - Indoor waterwalls are an absolutely must. It does not matter how large or small your home is there is always room for them. Plus, you can never have too many, so add one to every room. The sound that is made by indoor waterwalls will instantly quiet your mind. Not to mention, they make the air you breathe healthier and more comfortable. Indoor waterwalls typically get mounted on a wall, but there are some floor varieties that rest flush with a wall to give the illusion of water flowing out of the wall.

  • Welcome Natural Light - Mini blinds and curtains can be great for providing privacy and helping with temperature control, but natural light should be welcomed sometimes, too. There is nothing better than the sun naturally waking you up, so you don't have to be awakened to some awful alarm clock sound.

  • Clean Before Bed - It can be tempting to leave dishes in the sink or your snack bowl and cups on the coffee table, but these negative things should not be what you see first thing in the morning. Spend 15 minutes power cleaning before bed, so you never have to deal with this. Besides, you will burn off that last burst of energy, so you can sleep better.

  • Houseplants - Greenery in the home is proven to reduce stress. Do you not have the green thumb you wish you had? No problem! Pick a philodendron or aspidistra, as these plants pretty much grow themselves.