Most people have a budget of some sort that they try to stay under when furnishing and decorating any room; this includes their outdoor living space. You do not have to purchase top of the line items for everything, but there are a few things you should allow yourself to splurge on. If you are not actually decorating your entire space, but you are looking to add one or two elements this year to take the look to the next level this list will come in handy for you, as well.

Water Trellis Outdoor Fountain

Water Trellis Outdoor Fountain

Glass Outdoor Fountains

Any type of water element will do amazing things for your deck or patio. However, if you are looking for something that will really add a "wow" factor that is totally unexpected, consider glass outdoor fountains. Right about now you may be cringing at the thought of glass outside. Is this even practical? Of course it is! Your house windows are glass. This material is a lot more durable than most people give it credit. Just make sure it is not positioned where a swinging branch or screen door can hit it and it will be just fine.

Bluworld 8' Gardenfall Indoor Outdoor Water Fountain - Dark Copper&Etched Glass

7.5' Gardenfall Etched Bamboo Floor Fountain with LED Lights


Fire Table

If you ever watch any home decorating shows or skim through the HGTV site you have probably marveled at fire tables. They are the hottest and most coveted fire elements for patios. Well, they are not solely reserved for sprawling 5,000-square-foot homes. They are a lot easier to install than you might think. This is definitely a feature that will have guests talking.

Hot Tub or Pool

Do not under estimate how much you will enjoy using a hot tub or pool, or both. Even a smaller above ground pool can be relaxing to just float in on a raft. Sitting in the hot tub under the moonlight will be the perfect ending to a long day.


A gazebo essentially creates an outdoor "room" where you can read, entertain, or just relax. If you want a glass outdoor fountain, but are still skeptical of it being exposed to the elements then put it inside your gazebo. Gazebos are available in a wide variety of styles from a wrought iron frame with glass windows to cedar with shingles, so finding one to complement your home and personal style will not be a problem.

Cooking Center

If you do a lot of entertaining and you do not have a summer kitchen then consider adding a cooking center. Some have a mini fridge, cupboards, counter for prep work, and a place for bar seating. When choosing your grill look for features like warming drawers, double access doors, and side burners.


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