6 Must Have Eco-Friendly Outdoor Essentials

June 22, 2017

Decorating your outdoor living space doesn't have to increase your carbon footprint. If you are like many, you want to do something exciting with this outdoor area, but you don't want to put any more strain on the environment. You can have a beautiful deck or patio without feeling guilty about it.


Teak Furniture - Treated

  • Teak Furniture - In case you haven't noticed lately, teak is literally everywhere. This eco-friendly material is durable, beautiful, and strong. Manufacturers are using teak for everything from chairs to tables to porch swings.

Rubber Mulch

  • Rubber Landscape Mulch - You want your flower beds to all be beautifully mulched, but that doesn't mean it has to come from a tree. Rubber landscape mulch is realistic and available in a variety of colors. It doesn't require the harvesting of any trees, and it lasts a really long time. Plus, rubber mulch does not fade the way regular mulch does, so it won't be looking like its seen better days half-way through the season. Best of all, it's made from rubber that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Solar Fountain

  • Solar Fountains - You love the look of water features in gardens and flowerbeds, but you just can't bring yourself to use electricity to keep them running all day. Solar fountains are the eco-friendly solution. Now, even the most Earth-conscious person can enjoy the benefits of a solar fountain without feeling guilty.

Bird Houses

  • Bird Essentials - You really can't have an eco-friendly space if there aren't a few feathered friends flying around all day.  Choose bird houses made of FSC®-certified wood that's sealed with a water-based finish. You'll also want feeders and a bird bath. You can always get a fountain that specifically doubles as a bird bath. Or, place large rocks in the bottom of your solar fountain so birds can stand on the rocks. This only needs to be done if the fountain's pool is deeper than a couple inches. Of course, don't forget you are going to need some bird feeders, as well.

Solar Shoji Lanterns

  • Solar Lights - There is no need to hardwire your outdoor lighting into your home's electrical system, and you certainly do not need to run extension cords everywhere.  Solar lanterns come in a huge variety of fun and exciting colors and patterns. These really let you put a personal touch on your space.

Oversized Planters

  • Décor - Solar fountains and lights are great, but you may still want some other furnishings added to your space that are kind to the environment. A few include oversized planters, iron cauldrons, jute mats, bamboo wind chimes, etc.