7 Helpful Decorating Tips for a Small Space

June 22, 2017

Embrace your small space! You have less to clean and your carbon footprint is smaller, which means you are already helping the environment without even trying too hard. Can decorating be challenging? Yes! However, you can create the home of your dreams without a lot of floor space. These decorating tips will help.

  1. Remove Clutter - The most important thing to do is remove everything that does not need to be there and find a home for things that don't have one. Grant it, small homes usually come with minimal storage space, so you will have to be a little creative.

Contempo Alto Stainless Steel and Silver Mirror Wall Water Fountain

  1. Use Mirror - This material should be a focus in your decorating.  Mirror wall water fountains are perfect. Mirror's reflective nature makes a room appear larger. You can also use a mirror serving tray and even opt for mirror picture frames.

  1. Create Depth - Creating depth is easy to do with a variety of materials and fabrics. Weathered woods provide contrast to soft fabrics. Take it one step farther by also adding a wrought iron or copper element.

  1. Have a Focal Point - A small room needs a focal point as much as a large room does. Mirror wall water fountains take care of this, as well. Water cascading down the face of a reflective material will instantly become the main attraction of the room. This also helps create depth.

  1. Floating Shelves - You have taken care of one wall with a water feature; now you have to make the most of the other walls. Floating shelves eliminate the need for bookshelves of unnecessary tables that you add to the room just to hold your photos and knickknacks. Floating shelves are especially useful in a bathroom that does not have a closet.

  1. Curtain Divider - Do you have a mini workstation set up in the corner of your living room or are you living in a studio apartment where everything is in one room? Create separate spaces by simply hanging a curtain as a room divider.

  1. Create an Entryway - Quite often a small home will end up with shoes, coats, umbrellas, bags, etc., everywhere because there is no place to put them. If you don't have the luxury of a mudroom or hidden entryway then create one. Add a coatrack for coats and a utility cart or shoe rack for shoes. If you have room you can even put a small chair there. You can hang a curtain, like mentioned above, or use an actual room divider to section this area off.