A Guide to Creating an English Garden

June 22, 2017

One of the latest trends in outdoor living spaces this year is an old one that is simply making its rounds again. Although, some will argue that its popularity never really left. Well, at least not in some parts of the world. If you are looking to transform either your entire front yard or even a small area of your backyard to a magical and fragrant space, an English garden may be the way to go. This brings natural beauty to your space and reduces lawn maintenance, and if you choose drought-tolerant native plants it will decrease your water usage, too.


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  • Create a Path - You will need a path to walk through. This can easily be done with pavers, but a less expensive option is to create a path of mulch. Just make sure you lay weed block under, so you are not battling with invasive plants all summer. It is a good idea to line the path with bricks or stone to contain the mulch.
  • Add a Backdrop - A picket fence is the ideal backdrop to an English garden. It does not have to be right at the back of the garden though. You can always plant the tallest plants behind it and medium height ones in front. Depending on the size of your garden, you might want to add an arbor, trellis, or even a small gazebo.
  • Plan Your Flowers - English gardens are supposed to look a little wild. Flowers and plants do not need to follow a pattern or be the perfect height. Self-sowing annuals, such as the alyssum should be a staple. Climbers are essential, too, such as golden shower, honeysuckle, and even ornamental grapes. Popular flowers and plants for the primary space include lavender, pink valerian, wallflowers, old-fashioned white roses, silene, delphiniums, foxglove, and Canterbury bells.
  • Add Outdoor Water Features - Outdoor water features are important to add to your English garden. They will create focal points in different sections and help elevate the soothing atmosphere. Plus, the flowing water will invite pollinators to come drink, which is good news for all of your flowers. As a bonus, outdoor water features act as a sound barrier. So, you will be able to sit in your garden without being bothered by every noise in the neighborhood.
  • Add the Extras - You may not think you will sit in the garden, but if there is a nice bench you likely will take the time to enjoy the space. Solar lights, wheel barrows, old milk churns, farming equipment, bird feeders, and garden statuary can all be added, as well.

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