Sounds of a busy office can sometimes be a dull buzz or a droning noise one can’t seem to cancel out. The hectic deadlines, the incessant ringing of phones, office chatter can lead to stress and without one knowing it readily, build up muscle tension. A tabletop fountain is remedy. Besides the aesthetic boosts it gives to space, the sound of moving water can help drown out background noise. Plus, it adds humidity to the dry air common to an air-conditioned room.

Haiku Moon Tabletop Water Fountain

Dimensions: 11.25"H x 15"W x 12.5"D

A striking fountain from Bluworld USA - the Haiku Moon Tabletop Water Fountain. Although small in size, this water fountain will bring serenity to your home and office. The genuine slate and polished river rocks make for a great textural combination as the water continuously flows.

Tranquila Tabletop Fountain

Dimensions: 5"H x 10"W x 10"D

The Tranquila Tabletop Fountain from Kenroy Homes features a small fountain, sand garden, rock garden, and an oil candle. This fountain combines all these elements in a simple square design, providing all the essential of a beautiful Zen garden is a compact form that will look great in any room of the home or the office. 

 Ukiah Indoor Tabletop Fountain

Dimensions: 7"H x 20.25"W x 5"D

The Ukiah Indoor Table Fountain can be used a serene centerpiece. Water follows naturally down the incline, from bowl to bowl. The Ukiah Indoor Table Fountain is both urban and rustic and features a dark gray finish. The Ukiah Indoor Table Fountain is suitable for all shapes of tables making it versatile and long lasting. Kenroy's products provide easy installation and custom designs. Their creations are designed to provide many years of satisfaction.

Large MoonShadow Tabletop Fountain
Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 15"

The Large MoonShadow Tabletop Fountain is the newest Addition to BluWorld USA Water Wonders fountains. The popular MoonShadow Tabletop Fountain is now larger and will add a soothing appeal to your home. Water cascading over the natural slate into the polished rover rocks is a sight to see, and will continue to turn your home into a relaxing environment.