Art wall fountains are dynamic pieces of art that illuminate and compliment your indoor space. It combines painting and the beauty of a water fountain creating a personalized artistic expression of elegance and style. The addition of an art wall fountain in your home creates a stunning focal point with  a splash of color and artistic beauty. The calming trickle of flowing water creates a soothing and relaxing ambiance while drowning out undesirable background noise and purifying the surrounding air in your home or office.

8 Foot Custom Serengheti Wall Fountain

 Art wall fountains are  made using beautiful iridescent and metallic colors making  it scintillate in almost any kind of light.


Stained Galaxy X Wall Fountain

  Be drawn into the melody of its pleasant and soothing water fall sound.


Personalized Photo Wall Fountain (27.5" x 48")

This is a great opportunity to display your favorite photo in the form of a wall water fountain.