Due to the increased concern for the environment and the rising cost of living, solar outdoor fountains have exploded in popularity in the past couple years. Some people would love to add a water element to their outdoor space, but can't justify using electricity for such a luxury while others are already pinching pennies, so even a small increase in the energy bill would pose a concern. When you use solar-powered water features, you never have to worry about these concerns.

Kenroy Cannonade Solar Floor Fountain

Kenroy Cannonade Solar Floor Fountain
Dimensions: 39" x 13"

Free to Operate

It should first be noted that traditional outdoor fountains do not make the monumental impact on your energy bill that you may be expecting. That being said, solar varieties are powered entirely by the sun's rays, so free is always going to be an attractive option. These pieces have PV cells that absorb the sunlight and use it to power the pump.


While you are enjoying your water feature without an increase in your energy bill you can also feel good that you are not using any electricity. As you may know, electricity is typically generated using fossil fuels, which emit Co2 into the environment and contribute to global warming. If you are looking for ways to decrease your carbon footprint or at least trying to make smart choices, so you do not increase it then these fountains are right for you.

Easy Placement

Would you love to put a water feature in your flower bed that circles the mailbox? If you look around your property there are probably a few places you would like to  put one, but do not want to run an extension cord that far. Solar water features are loved for their "goes anywhere" attitude. Our Solar Tree Fountain with Birds  is one that would look perfect in that little flowerbed near the road. Those walking by or riding their bike in the neighborhood certainly would wonder who lives in such a home with this much attention to detail.

Kenroy Kenei Outdoor Solar Fountain

Kenroy Kenei Outdoor Solar Fountain
Dimensions: 40" x 21" x 21"

Birdbath Styles

Here at Soothing Walls, we have a variety of pieces available that can double as birdbaths. If you have a birdbath then you already know that the water gets stagnant overnight, and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Constant flowing water will invite birds but is unattractive to insects. Our Cadet Outdoor Solar Fountain is one your feathered friends are sure to love, and it will add a splash of vibrant color to your landscaping.


If you are under the impression that solar products are ridiculously expensive you will be pleasantly surprised when you start browsing our selection. They are extremely affordable. In fact, many of the styles we offer are priced so low that they are perfect for gifts for any occasion.