Water Panel Wave Bubble Fountain - Large
Water Panel Wave Large Bubble Floor Fountain
Dimensions: 27"W x 14"D x 68"H
Weight: 80 lbs.

Most consumers who are introduced to bubble floor fountains know immediately that they must have one. Many people who arrive to Soothing Walls with the intention of purchasing a floor water feature have no idea what they want. Sure, they may have an idea of what size they are looking for, but beyond that they are waiting for something to just jump out at them.

Well, if you have found our selection of bubble floor fountains then you may have just experienced one of those moments where your heart rate quickens, and you suddenly have an irresistible urge to grab your credit card. Then, you panic, wondering if one of those unusual pieces would look good in your home. Where you are even supposed to put it?

  • Living Room - You were looking for a "safe" glass or mirror fountain; do you dare add something so bold to your living room? Well, now that you have seen them, can you even imagine not looking at one every night while you are relaxing in your giant bean bag chair? The great thing about these fountains is their versatility. They can be placed against a wall, but since they can be enjoyed from any angle you are not limited to this positioning. They can be put anywhere in a room, as long as you are sure no one will trip over the cord. Do you have an empty corner? Our Midwest Tropical Large Aqua Column Floor Fountain will nestle in there nicely.
  • Dining Room - Who says you need dim lighting or candles to create ambiance. One of these fountains will be perfect in the dining room. You can even set one of the smaller tabletop varieties on a side table.
  • Child's Room - It does not matter if you are shopping for a toddler or teenager, a floor bubble fountain will be perfect for their room. Younger children appreciate the light they provide in a dark, scary room while older kids simply love the funky vibe they bring to a space. All of their friends will be so jealous!
  • Social Rooms - Whether you are looking for one for a game or media room, finished basement, or home bar, these are ideal pieces of art for these environments.
  • Entryway - Can you think off a more pleasant display to welcome you and guests coming in the door? Plus, the light your fountain will provide will eliminate the need for you to drop all your groceries at the door while you look for a light switch or lamp.
  • Office - If you are shopping for a water element for your home or work office because the doctor told you that you need to reduce stress, these are ideal. You will never have to fill the water or clean them. You can disregard the vision you have of dropping an important document in the water, too. You can place one on the floor, or put one of our small ones right on the corner of your deck. Our Water Panel Tabletop Bubble Fountain is a popular favorite for this office.
Water Panel Tabletop Bubble Fountain
Water Panel Tabletop Bubble Fountain
Dimensions: 15"L x 8"W x 21"H