If you have recently moved into your first home, chances are pretty good that your decorating budget is tight. It does not matter if you are renting your first apartment or if you bought your first house; moving in general is expensive. You have a ton of stuff to buy, but you still have to get furniture and add a personal touch. Fortunately, with the right tips you can turn your home into one you want to show off on a surprisingly small budget.

Yard Sales

If you have never gone to a yard sale you truly do not know what you are missing out on. Surely you have heard that one man's trash is another man's treasure? You can buy an old sofa and put a new cover on it. Find an old chair and turn it into an art project with paint and stencils. When you go, look for the potential in things and think about what you can do with them.

Paint is Your Friend

When it comes to decorating, paint has limitless potential. With a gallon you can tackle the walls, but even a quart can provide some transforming results. Ideas of things you can paint include:

  • Trim around windows and doors
  • Mirror frames
  • Backs of kitchen chairs
  • Dresser and cupboard handles
  • Stair risers
  • Old plates to hang as art
  • Clearance baskets from the craft store


Large Sierra MoonShadow Tabletop Water Fountain

Large Sierra MoonShadow Tabletop Water Fountain

Tabletop Fountains

The great thing about tabletop fountains is although you can find some super cheap, they look really expensive. This one art piece will add rich sophistication to any color scheme and will become a natural focal point people will be drawn to. Plus, tabletop fountains do not take up much space, so they are perfect for a small home. As a bonus, these pieces of art create a calming atmosphere.

Kenroy Sphere Tabletop Water Fountain

Kenroy Sphere Tabletop Water Fountain

Have Fun with Fabric

You can buy yards of fabric on clearance for next to nothing and make your own curtains, tablecloths, and pillow covers. You do not even need a sewing machine. A few stitches on some of these items are fine. A tablecloth does not even require sewing. Just use the roll of hem stuff that irons on. You can create covers for shelves, too. If you wanted to you could even use fabric to make a border and just hang it up there with thumb tacks.

Illuminate a Glass Jug

Skip the expensive lamps for now. Find old glass vases or milk jugs at garage sales or flea markets and fill them with white Christmas lights. This creates a very cool lamp. You do not have to fill them all the way and you certainly do not have to stick with white either.