Water Trellis Outdoor Fountain
Water Trellis Outdoor Fountain
Dimensions: 72"H x 22.25"W x 16"D

One of the most common concerns of those shopping for floor and outdoor fountains is regarding the safety of their pets. If you have a cat or dog then you already know they are going to be attracted to the moving water, as most are. Even those that run and hide at bath time cannot resist drinking from the stream. The sound alone will attract them, and if they are told to stay away, the temptation will just be too great.

Now, if you are like most this probably concerns you. You might wonder if there is any way they can be injured by the pump. You probably also are worried that they could get sick from drinking the water. Some may think they will have to clean it constantly, assuming that a fountain product would be toxic to drink. These are all very valid concerns.

Pets and Fountains Are a Perfect Match

To set your mind at ease, you will not be the first pet parent to discover that their canine or feline friend thinks the fountain is a gift for them. They cannot be hurt by the pump because moving components are contained. They will not get sick from the water providing it is clean, and believe it or not, there are fountain products available that are pet friendly. We have some here at Soothing Walls!

So, while the fountain may be safe for your pet, there are still a few things you will need to consider. First, it is imperative that the water level does not get low, or it will ruin your pump. You will need to check the water level daily. With a large floor fountain there is probably no risk of running out of water while you are at work all day. However, if you have a tabletop variety sitting on the floor, and there are five dogs opting to drink out of it rather than their bowl, then you will have a problem.


Grande Brushed Stainless Steel and Clear Glass Floor Fountain
Grande Brushed Stainless Steel and Clear Glass Floor Fountain
Small Dimensions: 94"H x 48"W x 18"D
Large Dimensions: 118"H x 48"W x 18"D

The second concern is dander and hair. Not only are clumps of hair unattractive in the water, this can clog the pump. If you find this becomes a concern, or if you already know that it will because it is spring and you have a couple Huskies blowing their coat, you can easily protect the pump with a piece of pantyhose. Simply cut a piece (preferably shear), and place it over the pump. Tie the ends tightly and you have a filter. The water can flow through, but it will keep the debris from reaching the pump.

Do always make sure your pet has a bowl of fresh water, in addition to what is in the fountain. If your water fountain is outside you will need to clean it a little more often to ensure the health of your pet, as outside elements tend to dirty the water and basin faster than those kept indoors.