Wall water fountains have become some of the most popular pieces of art you can buy for a home or business. If you are like many you may have thought you wanted a certain material or style, but quickly changed your mind when you discovered slate. Some of the most coveted water features are created with this unique breathtaking natural material. They look sensational in any size and are often paired with stainless steel or copper trims that allow the patterns in the slate to be the main attraction. The main concern with these pieces of art is the weight.

Solid Slate 

Serendipity Falls Copper Wall Fountain

Slate is heavy; plain and simple. Then when you factor in the framing, pump, and polished stones or rocks, it makes even a modest size foundation weigh significantly more. This is not even taking into consideration the weight of the water. Now, this is absolutely not meant to deter you. There is nothing that can compare to slate. However, you do need to make sure your wall can handle the weight. In most cases, heavy duty anchors matched to wall studs will offer all the support you need. You should also keep in mind that you will need a helping hand when it comes time to mount it. If you are not sure if your wall will support the weight, or you are just not comfortable hanging something so heavy then lightweight slate is a fantastic alternative.


Lightweight Slate

Pacifica Waters Wall Fountain in Black_FeatherStone with Coppervein Trim

Also referred to as veneers, lightweight slate fountains are quite popular. Rather than the panels being made from solid slate, they are actually composed of a thin layer of the stone secured to composite material. So, the surface that you see is actually slate, not a material being manipulated to look like it.

This does not mean that these fountains can be casually mounted though. They are lighter, but you still have to factor in the weight of the water. Lightweight slate may be the perfect solution if you want a larger water wall, but feel you have to opt for a small one to keep the pounds off your wall. Plus, the weight variation could mean the difference between being able to add those gorgeous stones in the bottom or not.


Regardless if you choose solid or lightweight slate, you will need to consider placement. It will need to be mounted to anchors secured in studs. You will also need to make sure the wall you are shopping for has an electrical outlet.