Create a Tranquil Oasis with Your Small Urban Patio

June 22, 2017

You do not need a yard that sprawls an acre and a massive wood deck to enjoy your outdoor living space. If you live in a row house, townhouse, condo, or apartment, and have a small patio area you can do a lot with that space with the right decorating tips. Do not let it go to waste just sitting there empty; create your own tranquil oasis.

  • Reed or Bamboo Fencing - You will probably be more likely to enjoy the space if you have a little privacy. Buy a roll of reed or bamboo fencing to enclose the area. If there is already a chain-link fence then you can attach it to this. Otherwise, drive a few t-posts in the ground and fasten it with zip ties. It does not necessarily need to be a tall fence either. Even a 3 or 4-foot fence will give you a little privacy while you are lying in the sun.

  • Add a Rug - An outdoor decorative rug is essential. You should not have to slip flip-flops on every time you want to go outside. If you have a soft, inviting rug to walk on you will be able to sneak out there in your bare feet.

  • Furnish for You - Buy furniture that you will get the most use out of. If you never have people over then maybe one large chaise lounge or beanbag chair is all you need. Some may prefer a couple rocking chairs or a bistro table set.

  • Add Shade - You will use your patio a lot more often, if you do not have to be blinded by the sun every time you want to sit out there. If you have room, add a patio umbrella. Otherwise, attach a sun canopy or tarp above your door and extend it over the patio. It can always fasten to your reed fencing on the other ends.

Mini Element with Birds Fountain

  • Garden Water Features - You absolutely need a water element. The sound of flowing water is very relaxing. Plus, it will drown out a little noise coming from our neighbors next door. Garden water features are available in a ton of styles, sizes, and materials, so there is sure to be one to complement your urban patio space.

  • Small Fireplace - If you are going to furnish and decorate your small patio then you want to get the most out of it. A small ventless fireplace will allow you to use it on cooler days, as well. Just imagine sitting out there in a hoodie in the crisp fall air drinking a cup of hot cocoa and reading a book. Gel or bio ethanol tabletop or freestanding fireplaces will provide you with the heat you need to make this dream a reality.

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