For a large percentage of the population, yoga is not just exercise; it's a lifestyle. The increased popularity of this practice has demanded new studios in even the smallest of towns. However, although large studios can be great to go to for a good workout and a nice variety of practices, many yogis are turning away from the commercialized industry and seeking a small studio to become their second home. Intimate yoga studios are being opened in basements, screened gazebos, large spare rooms, etc. If you have opened one recently or plan on it in the near future, you will need some styling tips for the entryway.

What's the Big Deal?

Even though practitioners may be seeking smaller yoga families, they still want the studio experience. The entryway is the place where they leave the chaos of the outside world behind to clear their mind and focus on their practice. Not providing this entryway really takes away from the experience. These tips can be used in even a small space.

Create Definition

You should not walk through a door and right into the yoga room. If you don't have a formal entry or lobby-type room, make one with room dividers or curtains. Practitioners should not have to look at a pile of shoes, coats, and mat slings while they practice.

Teton Falls Wall Fountain with Logo

Teton Falls Wall Fountain with Logo
Dimensions: 45"H x 61"W x 6"D

Commercial Water Walls

A water element will instantly make them feel welcomed while also relaxing the mind. This is the ideal transitioning piece of décor. Commercial water walls are really ideal because you can customize them to your preference, and even have your studio name or logo added. This is a nice extra that will give you an edge over other studios.


Tossing a pile of coats on a chair is far from professional. A few coat hooks is all you need. If there happens to be a closet by the door, feel free to put it to good use. You can even take the door off the closet and decorate the space in a way that lets guests know it is for them to use.

Reflection Creek Wall Fountain with Logo

Reflection Creek Wall Fountain with Logo
Dimensions: 27"H x 38"W x 5"D


There is little chance you will have lockers, nor will you likely need them. Some cute cubbies will come in handy though for keys, hats and mittens, purses, etc. It is rare that theft is even a concern in a small yoga family so no one will feel uncomfortable not having personals locked away.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are the perfect complement to commercial water walls. They also help the mind make a quick transition to a calmer environment.  Bamboo is ideal for this type of environment.