Decorating Tips for a Cozy Apartment Patio

June 22, 2017

You may be thinking there is not much you can do with that small patio you have, but you might be surprised at the amount of potential it really does have. If you are like many other apartment and condo dwellers, you open that sliding patio door and see a tiny space that you will never be able to use for entertaining. These tips will help you turn that space into a cozy and inviting area that is perfect for relaxing or gathering with friends.

Define a Purpose

  • Do you want a place you can relax with a couple friends and a bottle of wine? Would you like to take your laptop out there to work, or are you hoping to create a reading nook just for you? When you determine the purpose of your space this will guide you when you decide what furniture to buy. One large comfortable chair and a side table may be all you need, or a bistro table might be a practical option.

A Closer Look at Furniture

  • You don't want your furniture to swallow the space. It is a good idea to measure before you start shopping. If you plan on doing a little entertaining, benches around the perimeter or even against a couple sides are good options.
  • Opt for double duty furniture. An ottoman can be a seat, table, and storage. Foldable tables and chairs are handy, too.

Add Décor

  • Rug - An outdoor rug will create the feel of an actual room and it will eliminate the risk of bare toes burning on hot cement. You can always roll it up, and take it to a friend's house to hose it off when it needs cleaning. If no one is behind you at the car wash waiting, you can wash it there, too.

M-Series Kenzo Garden Water Fountain

M-Series Kenzo Garden Water Fountain
Dimensions: 9.75'H x 11.75"W

  • Outdoor Garden Fountains - Every outdoor space needs a water element. Outdoor garden fountains create a tranquil environment and give the patio a focal point. Plus, the cascading water sound will mask undesirable noises coming from your neighbors. No electric outlet? No problem! Buy a solar one!

  • Umbrellas - If you have a balcony above you then you may have the shade you need to be comfortable. Otherwise, an umbrella will be a must-have element.

  • Plants - You can really set the tone of the space with the plants you choose. If you need privacy, plant stands will create it. If you already have privacy fence around the patio hang planters on the fence posts, if you can. You can go with a couple of small trees or add lots of color with flowers. Maybe you even want to grow a little produce in a sunny corner.

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