Although decorating a large room can come with its unique challenges, these are challenges you are probably not complaining about having. When first confronted with a fairly large room it is common to feel overwhelmed. Even if you have an idea of what colors, furniture, etc., you want to use, you might not know exactly where to begin to create the look you are after. The eyes tend to get lost easier in a larger space, which can cause the room to feel a little disconnected, if not planned thoughtfully.

Solitude River Three Panel Marble Wall Fountain

Solitude River Three Panel Marble Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 69"H x 78"W x 6"D

Colors and Patterns

Some assume that since they have a really large room, they can use more colors. Well, to an extent, you can, but you still need some patterned elements to tie the colors together. Otherwise, you just have a bunch of blocks of color. If the space is super large and you are having a hard time creating a cozy feel stick with dark or muted shades. If you want to embrace the room's size and make it joyful and open, decorate with bright and bold colors. You can also add warm neutrals to bright shades to strike a balance between cozy and fun.

In a large room, you can get away with large-scaled patterns. Very small prints tend to get lost, but that does not mean you can't display smaller prints on decorative pillows.


Scale needs to be considered when purchasing furniture. However, you don't necessarily need to buy an oversized sofa or sectional. Maybe you want to break the room up into sections. For example, in a living room you could have the main area and then in a corner create a conversation area or reading nook. Buy furniture pieces that work for your lifestyle, and don't be afraid to mix-and-match pieces instead of buying a large furniture set.

Teton Falls Wall Mounted Fountain

Teton Falls Wall Mounted Fountain
Dimensions: 45"H x 61"W x 6"D

Create a Focal Point

Adding décor is the fun and easy part of decorating a large room. You have plenty of floor and wall space to take advantage of, so you can use shelving, tables, etc., for art and other trinkets. The challenge comes with creating a focal point. When a room is large it is difficult to create a centerpiece that attracts and holds attention. The focal point needs to be awe-inspiring. Custom fountains serve this purpose beautifully. Custom fountains are uniquely created for your personal space. The cascading water naturally becomes the center of attention and gives the room the focal point it needs.