If you are like many others you have devoted a lot of time and money into decorating your backyard. After all, this is where you gather with friends on the patio, hangout by the bonfire pit, swim in the pool, and play in the garden. Then, you look at your front yard, and you just do not know where to begin. How do you decorate an area that is not necessarily defined? You may even feel that you do not have to bother with this space, but your front yard is your home's first impression. It deserves attention as much as the backyard!

Avignon Outdoor Water Fountain

Avignon Outdoor Water Fountain
Dimensions: 52" x 52"

Outdoor Fountains with Pools

One of the simplest ways to create a focal point, increase the value of your home, and enjoy a whole lot of curb appeal is with outdoor fountains with pools. These are significantly-sized pieces that will have others in the neighborhood slowing down as they drive by or jogging an extra loop around the block just to check it out. Plus, since outdoor fountains with pools are incredibly heavy, this art will not grow feet in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.

English Garden

Cut down on your lawn mowing by turning a large portion of the yard into an English garden. You may be saying you seriously do not have time to deal with more fussy plants, but this is why you choose colorful, drought-resistant plants. Create a "lawn" of creeping thyme, and plant Spanish lavender, libertia, and phormium. You can always add a fountain as your centerpiece. Otherwise, make sure you have a bird bath.

Sitting Area

Just because you have a patio in the back does not mean you can't create a sitting area in the front, as well. Create a round carpet of crushed stone, add a flagstone path, and furnish with a couple of eucalyptus wood chairs. It is an outdoor display that is sophisticated yet inviting.

Create a Maze

If you have a sprawling property, create a maze of walkways. This will allow you to develop unique flower beds, add benches or sitting areas, decorative fencing, etc. You could even create a pond in one area. If you really love landscaping this could become a permanent project to fuss with year-round by decorating for different holidays, too.


Do not underestimate the importance of lighting. It will highlight the beauty of your home in the evening while increasing security. Solar lights are really ideal for this purpose.