If people are coming into your law office, they are likely injured, upset, or facing criminal charges. Of course, they could simply be writing a will or seeking business startup advice, but these are still stressful situations. If you know that most folks walking through your doors are experiencing some level of anxiety, it just makes sense to create an environment that will promote relaxation. A few thoughtful extras can make a huge difference in their overall experience.

  • Seating - If your law office is like most you probably have a row or two of basic office chairs. So, whether they have to wait 5 or 15 minutes for you to wrap up with another client they'll be uncomfortable. Then, they move into your office, and have the pleasure of sitting on the same awkward chairs. Why not give them something a little cozier? How many chairs do you really need in your waiting area anyway? How often are they all filled at one time? Maybe you could trade them for a large bean bag sofa, and just leave a couple extra chairs for overflow.

Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Logo

Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Logo

  • Commercial Water Walls - Despite what you may believe, commercial water walls are not only for shopping malls, casinos, fine dining restaurants, and spas. These beautiful artistic pieces can improve the environment of any business. Commercial water walls are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and trims. You can even have your business name or logo added. The cascading water is welcoming and soothing. The second they see and hear it, their mood will change for the better.

  • Lighting - It is not always easy to get the lighting right in a business. You want it bright enough to see, but not so bright that it is uncomfortable. Overhead lighting is usually a top contributor to uncomfortable environments. Pendants, lamps, and wall lights are much better options.

  • Coat Hook - Do your clients typically keep their coat on because they're not sure what to do with it? This quickly makes them overheated, which can put them on edge. Suddenly, the only thing they can focus on is hurrying up so they can get out of there. The more comfortable they are the better chance they'll communicate the small details that could make a huge difference.

  • Beverage Station - Your beverage station does not have to include a high-dollar cappuccino maker or anything. A pot of fresh coffee and some dry creamer and sweetener may be exactly what they need to be comfortable. Don't forget a pot of water and tea bags for the non-coffee drinkers.