Decorating Tips for Your Restaurant's Outdoor Patio

June 22, 2017

If your restaurant is like most you have a line out the door of patrons waiting for patio seating as soon as there is a nice day in the spring. The entire restaurant can be empty inside with guaranteed fast service, but no one wants to sit indoors. It probably stays like this well into fall. Well, even though business is good, have you ever considered it could be even better? How long do patrons generally stay? Do servers have the chance to increase bills with dessert or after-dinner cocktails? Maybe if the environment was a bit more comfortable and relaxing, folks would want to stick around and spend more money. Below are a few essentials that can help make a difference.

Rain Forest Waterfall Edition With LED Lights

Rain Forest Waterfall Edition With LED Lights
Dimensions: 30"L x 22"W x 52"H

Waterfall Outdoor Fountains

Nothing can compare to waterfall outdoor fountains, if your mission is to create a tranquil environment folks love to relax in. You may only need one for a small patio, but a larger space should have several. Waterfall outdoor fountains are lovely to look at, but it is the calming sound of cascading water that draws people in.

Tiering Rainforest Fountain

Tiering Rainforest Fountain
Dimensions: 21"L x 18"W x 38"H


On the first few nice days of the year everyone is excited to feel the warmth of the sun on their face. Once summer really heats up feelings change. It's no longer comfortable to bake in the sun. Shade is often the determining factor whether someone leaves or stays. Patio umbrellas are essential. If you have corners where there are two exterior walls, a tarp or canopy can easily be added. Now, if it's lightly raining people can still sit in these sections, and not get soaked.

Two Pots On A Tree Branch Tabletop Fountain

Two Pots On A Tree Branch Tabletop Fountain
Dimensions: 11"L X 7"W X 14"H

Furniture Covers

These are obviously not décor pieces, but they are important. How many times has the rain stopped, and within minutes you have a 45-minute wait for the patio? Of course, the long wait is mostly due to the fact that the servers and bussers still have to wipe all the chairs down. If you have quality covers they can be put on and taken off with ease, so furniture is dry and ready. Put these on at night, too, and your staff won't have to spend 20 minutes cleaning away bird droppings and bugs every morning.

Tiered Waterfall Rainforest Fountain With LED Lights

Tiered Waterfall Rainforest Fountain With LED Lights
Dimensions: 40"L x 23"W x 30"H

Heat Source

No one wants to melt in the sun, but folks don't want to be so cold they are forced to leave when the sun goes down either. A patio heater and/or a few strategically placed bio ethanol fireplaces will keep everyone comfortable.

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