Decorating Tips for Your Tanning Salon

June 22, 2017

Many years ago, if you opened a tanning salon you would probably have been one of the few in the area. Now they have sprouted up everywhere, which means competition can be quite stiff. Tanning salons no longer simply have basic beds. Today, there is an array of specialty beds. Plus, if your salon is like most, spray tanning makes up most of your business. So, what are you doing to stand out from the rest? Whether you are opening a new tanning salon or remodeling an established one, these decorating tips will help.


Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain with Logo

  • Full-length Mirrors - There is nothing worse than getting dressed without a full length mirror. Keep in mind that many of your customers are on their lunch hour from work, heading to the gym, or going somewhere when they leave your establishment. They need to be able to see what they look like.
  • Chairs in Every Room - It is hard to believe that some salons do not offer a chair in every room. Even if your customers do not actually sit in the chair, at least they will have something to put their clothes, purse, hat, etc., on. No one wants to just throw their clothes on the floor, especially if they wrinkle.
  • Logo Fountains - The easiest way to permanently etch your company name in the brain of every customer who walks through your door is by adding a few logo fountains to the space. One should definitely be in the front lobby, so it is the first and last thing they see. Long, dreary hallways are great places for logo fountains, as well. Customers will notice how beautiful these art pieces look and sound while their brain is also taking a snapshot of the whole picture, which includes your logo.

  • Headphones - One of the most annoying things about going to a tanning salon is being forced to listen to music you hate. It never fails; you get a room next to someone who turns their music up so loud you can't even hear what is playing on your selected station. Earphones will be an appreciated purchase by everyone.

  • Magazine Rack - You probably have a waiting area, especially if you do spray tanning or have the most coveted specialty beds. Customers will wait patiently for their appointment, but they will find it quite nice to have a magazine to flip through. Start a subscription to an array of magazines, so anyone in your waiting room will have no problem finding something they are interested in reading.

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