Indoor floor fountains stand on their own, don't need support of a wall and can be placed anywhere which makes decorating a room easier.  Indoor floor fountains are dramatic and have the most visual impact. Some indoor floor fountains have lights adding another dimension to the fountain.  An indoor floor fountain adds depth to the room  and will look spectacular against a wall or angled in a corner. They are made from a variety of materials, such as steel, copper, mirror, glass, slate, and acrylic making these fountains perfect for any decorating style, whether at home or at the office.

 Plaza Indoor Floor Fountain

Dimensions: 33"H x 19"W x 6.25"D

The Plaza Indoor Floor Fountain features natural grey slate constructed water wall and basin with a removable decorative metal accent, making it a wonderful fountain for both indoor and outdoor spaces. A light built into the basin illuminates the metal accent and water as it gently flows down the patterned natural grey slate wall, creating a wonderful shimmering effect that makes this fountain a great focal point for any setting. The organic look of the metal accent combined with the natural grey slate material gives this floor fountain a pleasant nature inspired look that's an especially wonderful look when surrounded by nature in any outdoor setting. The soothing sounds this fountain creates with its flowing water gives any setting a more tranquil atmosphere.



Harmony River Floor Fountain - Center Mount

Dimensions: 70"H x 31"W x 14"D 

The most unique thing about this Harmony River Floor Fountain is that it is center-mounted, which means that it can be placed anywhere and enjoyed from any angle. This is a water feature of significant size, as it measures 70 inches high, so it will not only become the focal point in the space it occupies.

The Harmony River Floor Fountain – Center Mount is available in gorgeous frame finishes, including antique black copper, antique bronze, rustic copper and stainless steel. Water flows over the glass surface to a bed of polished river rocks and it will not splash, so you don’t need to worry about puddles on the floor or wet walls or furniture. A high-quality recirculating electric pump is included.


6' Gardenfall Clear Glass and Black Oxide Floor Fountain with LED Lights

Dimensions: 90"H x 32"W x 18"D

Improve the air you breathe with this indoor and outdoor floor fountain. Highlighted by Black Onyx, this fountain can easily be from the outdoors to the indoors depending on the season. This versatile fountain features contemporary design aspects and clean lines, making it easy to match any decor. Add an engraved logo for a professional presence in your office. This fountain is delivered assembled - why make things any harder on yourself? Ordering the 6' Gardenfall Clear Glass and Black Oxide Floor Fountain with LED Lights is a breeze!


Grandeur River Floor Fountain

Dimensions: 96"H x 60"W x 14"D

The Grandeur River Floor Fountain will add elegance and relaxation to any room in your home. Viewable from both sides, The Grandeur River can be used to separate an open room and offers ultimate versatility and will not splash due to the Pebble Beach Splash Guard. The Grandeur River Floor Fountain will add a welcoming and relaxing feeling wherever it is placed. Your guests will be amazed at the Grandeur River Floor Fountain.


6' Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain

Dimensions: 72"H x 24"W x 15"D

Create a mood of serenity and warmth while enhancing your surroundings with our 6' Gardenfall Fire Fountain. Water sheets beautifully over a clear tempered glass panel behind polished river rocks and dancing flames from the integrated Nu-Flame burner. The 6' Gardenfall Fire Fountain features a clear glass panel and brushed stainless steel frame, decorative rock tray, Nu-Flame heavy stainless steel linear burner for extended enjoyment and tempered glass windscreen for safety. Easy to use, durable materials and quiet operation make the 6' Gardenfall fire fountain a wonderful addition, indoors or out.


Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted
Dimensions: 90"H x 41"W x 14"D

This rear-mounted water feature can be entirely customized to fit your fountain needs. The Tranquil River Floor Fountain is a free-standing water feature that has a water tight tray liner, splash guard, top lighting and a superior water distribution system that will not spray or clog. This fountain will create the illusion of water flowing from your wall to a bed of polished river rocks below. The Tranquil River - Rear Mounted sits flush against the wall, and is sure to become the topic of conversation for your and your guests. You will captivate friends and family with the Tranquil River Floor Fountain.


Curvature Slate Floor Fountain

Dimensions: 49" H x 16" W x 8" D

With a curved surface and natural slate construction, the Curvature Slate Floor Fountain combines unique style and natural elements to make a wonderful floor fountain design that goes great in any home or office setting. Not only does this fountain have a unique natural style, it also features the tranquil sounds of gently flowing water. When water flows down the natural slate surface this fountain creates a soothing ambiance that provides any room with a more relaxing atmosphere, which makes the Curvature fountain a great addition to more stressful places like an office.


7.5' Gardenfall Silver Mirror and Brushed Stainless Steel Floor Fountain With LED Lights

Dimensions: 90"H x 32"W x16"D

The 7.5' Gardenfall Silver Mirror and Brushed Stainless Steel Floor Fountain With LED Lights is commercial graded and can even have a logo engraved on the mirrored surface. Great alternative to adding a typical mirror, turn your space into an oasis that will make you enjoy your time either in the home or in the office. Heavy duty construction completes this floor fountain, making it weather-proof for year-round use. The 7.5' Stainless Gardenfall With Silver Mirror Floor will instantly start it's humidifying and air-cleansing properties.


Watercross Floor Fountain
Dimensions: 33"H x 19"W x 6.25"D

Watercross's cascading steps form a beautiful flowing "X" pattern and is made of green slate. This beautiful fountain comes with a recirculating electric pump, river stones, and two light bulbs for soft illumination. This fountain is easy to install due to the easy to follow instructions. The cool, organic, natural green slate pattern is unique to each fountain.


4' Dark Copper Gardenfall w/ Clear Glass Floor Fountain

Dimensions: 48"H x 18"W x 12"D

This stunning water fountain is perfect for placement inside or outside of your home. The durable dark copper powder coating makes this possible. The 4' Dark Copper Gardenfall with Clear Glass Floor Fountain has a center mounted tempered glass panel adding additional elegance. This fountain is perfect for the work place as well, add a logo to personalize this fountain to your office needs. This fountain's volume can be adjusted to add serenity without being an annoyance. The 4' Dark Copper Gardenfall with Clear Glass Floor Fountain can be installed in less than a half an hour requiring no tools, so your ready to enjoy some serenity almost immediately. This fountain, like all others, adds negative ions into the air as well as naturally humidifying and cleansing the air. This fountain goes with all decor and is highly effective.