Blue was shunned by the design world for a while, but interior decorators are welcoming back this fabulous color family with open arms. This is especially true in the kitchen. In the past, blue was often the color of choice for living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, but now it's time for the kitchen to have a turn. If you are ready for a remodel that will be the topic of conversation with friends and family for quite a while, then use these tips to create a blue kitchen of your own.

Use a Variety of Blues 

When most people think of a blue room they focus on one specific shade. This is because in the past this is how the color was commonly used. From navy blue in a nautical themed living room to baby blue in the bedroom to turquoise in the bathroom, the color of the room was bold, but simple. This all changes now.

If you want a blue kitchen, create a color palette with a variety of shades to ignite the senses. Teal, cobalt, azure, beryl, and sapphire blend harmoniously.


You may be nervous to paint your cupboards blue, but you will likely be glad you did. You can even use a distressing technique to give them a weathered look. If you are not quite ready for that level of commitment, remove the doors and put contact paper over the inside of the cupboards. You can paint the paper, and even play with patterns.

Chair Covers

You don't need to buy a new table and chairs, and you certainly do not have to paint them either. Chair covers make it easy. You can always choose a solid blue (or other color) cover and then use fabric paint to create designs and incorporate other shades.

 Moon Light Tabletop Fountain

Moon Light Tabletop Fountain
Dimensions: 6.5" H x 15" W x 15" D

Add a Tabletop Fountain

Water is generally the first thing that comes to mind when you think of blue, so it just makes sense to add a water element. A tabletop fountain can be placed on the counter, side table, or shelving. If your kitchen table is close to a wall with an electrical outlet you can always use one of these fountains as a centerpiece.

Water Panel Wave Bubble Fountain - Short

Water Panel Wave Bubble Fountain - Short
Dimensions: 15"W x 8"D x 21"H

Add in Other Materials

Blue can be a very overpowering color. Even with a variety of shades it can lack depth. Incorporating different materials will help, and you don't have to stick with the same thing. For example, stainless steel appliances don't have to have chrome or silver fixtures and cupboard handles. A nickel faucet, brass fruit bowl, and copper handles can all work well together.