No matter what room you're in you can likely identify the power wall in the space. Maybe it's the first wall you see when you walk through the door or perhaps it is the only one without windows, so it's very welcoming to art. It may even be the wall across from several windows that award it with an abundance of natural light. Whatever the case is, this is the wall you should do something really great with. Maybe you already know which wall to use, but you aren't too sure what to do with it. These ideas should help. 

  • Accent Wall - You constantly see boldly painted walls in magazines and on decorating shows, but you haven't been brave enough to incorporate this look into your space. Why not? It's only paint. So, if you pick a color that doesn't end up working out you can always paint over it. If you have always wanted that tangerine wall in the kitchen and a brick red shade in the living room then go for it.

  • Painting Techniques - Paint does not have to be a one trick pony. You can paint pin stripes, use a sponge technique, add a weathering glaze, etc. There are a lot of things you can do with paint besides just apply with a roller.

  • Wallpaper - Remember years ago when wallpaper was about the least cool thing you could do to a space? Well, wallpaper has come a long way in recent years. If you haven't shopped for it lately you will likely be pretty blown away by the selection. There are some that even make the wall look like brick, stone, etc.

Avec Moi Wall Fountain

  • Art Wall Fountains - Most people have no idea these intriguing pieces of art exist, so they instantly become the topic of conversation. Art wall fountains blend artistic elements with a water feature. Some simply look like a gorgeous painting, but water cascades down the front. Others have a bit of a sculpture appeal. These can look amazing on an accent wall, too. Art wall fountains are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors, and materials. They offer an easy way to incorporate color into a space without overdoing it.

  • Wall Fireplaces - Wall bio ethanol fireplaces can also have a dramatic impact on a space.  Fire complements water, so these ventless fireplaces go nicely with art wall fountains, just not on the same wall. Instead of painting one accent wall, consider painting two to showcase your fire and water elements.