Whether you go to your beach house on the weekends of if you live at it all season long it is likely something that you dream about all winter. This is your escape from your chaotic life so it should be decorated in a way that is satisfying to the eye and soothing to the soul. Of course, you do not want to spend all your relaxation time redecorating. Below are a few tips and things you can add to the space to give it a quick makeover.


Waterwall Slate Floor Fountain

Waterwall Slate Floor Fountain

Freestanding Water Fountains

A water element has the unparalleled ability to breathe new life into a space. Freestanding water fountains are perfect because you do not have to worry about doing any mounting. Simply assemble, fill it with water, and allow it to become the focal point your guests will swoon over. As a bonus, the sound of cascading water will create a calming environment.

Kenroy Tacora Horizontal Floor Fountain

Kenroy Tacora Horizontal Floor Fountain


Everyone expects to see nautical or beach-inspired décor in summer homes on the water. If you dare to be different, go the vintage route. A patchwork rug, wingback chair, reclaimed oak coffee table, and vintage art will create an unexpected but charming look.

Furniture Covers

If you want to quickly change the look of your beach house without spending a fortune or making any major purchases just buy furniture covers. Slipping a bright red cover on a beige sofa transforms the entire room.

Kenroy Copper Vines Floor Fountain

Kenroy Copper Vines Floor Fountain

Add Texture

Maybe the house just needs elements that will create a little texture. Add pillows of various textiles along with a metal and/or washed out wood piece and suddenly you give a two-dimensional space a ton of depth.

Create a Mini Museum

Dedicate one corner or wall to local artifacts, prints, or pieces of art. For example, if your beach house is in Nantucket, have shelving or a table to display an old wire lobster trap, cranberry rake, glass floats, and a caged pendant light. You can probably find a lot of old, intriguing local goods at garage sales and thrift stores in the area.

Add a Breakfast Nook

If you plan on buying some new furniture then get rid of that formal kitchen table and chairs that is so uninviting. Add a breakfast nook with benches on two joining walls. Include the table, and then put more benches or metal stools on the other sides. Now, a lot more people can gather around the table.

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