Easy Ways to Make a Strong First Impression with Your Business

June 22, 2017

Regardless what market you are in, competition is tough these days. It doesn't matter if you give fantastic customer service and have the lowest prices around, it is not enough sometimes. Consumers today are looking for the full experience, and what you may not realize is that their impression of your business begins long before they walk through the door. If you give a good first impression from the start, you won't have to work so hard to make sure they have a positive experience that will return a good review and a long-term loyal customer.

Start with the Website 

Your website makes a bigger first impression than you might think. Even for a brick-and-mortar business, the Internet is typically the first contact a customer has with you, whether you know it, or not. If a consumer is trying to decide whether to shop with you or a competitor, they may make their decision based solely on the appearance of the sites. As sad or unbelievable as that may sound, it's true. Make sure your site is thoughtfully created to be user-friendly. It is also important that your site be readable on smartphones and tablets.


Is your store listed with all the directories that potential customers may be using? Is the information current and correct? If there is a space to provide a description of your business, make sure it will capture the reader's attention, so they are more likely to want to know more about you.

As for reviews, it is very important to respond to them, especially negative ones. You can't make people happy all the time, but folks want to see how willing you were to make up for a bad experience.

Jardin Three Tier Outdoor Water Fountain Tall

Jardin Three Tier Outdoor Water Fountain Tall
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Tiered Water Fountain for Outdoors

Unless your business is in a mall or plaza, it is important to use the outdoor space to its full potential. From the second they spot your sign to the time they walk through the door, they are judging you. Create an inviting outdoor space, so they feel welcome and drawn to your business. A tiered fountain for outdoors is ideal. Water features are naturally positive and inviting. Suddenly, your business is far more interesting, simply because you have great taste in art.

Friendly Greeting

A simple "hello" and an offer of assistance is all they need to start their experience in a positive way. If you have a store make sure they don't feel pressured. They should simply know that when they need assistance, you will be there to help.