Are you torn between the classic and welcoming look of a rustic space and the sophistication and glamour of a modern space? You don't have to choose one or the other. You can incorporate both looks on your deck or patio, and it's actually a lot easier to do than you are probably thinking. Below are a few essentials that will help you create the look you're going for.

Avoid Trendy Colors

Okay, you don't have to stick with neutrals, but you do want to avoid trendy colors. If magazines are filled with lime green, tangerine, plum, or any other color for the season, these are not colors you want to include in your space. You want to stick with colors that can easily be considered both modern and rustic. Yes, neutrals do work great, but so do shades like rust, gold, red, teal, and gray.

Boxwood Hedges

Getting the plants just right can be tricky. If you have the space, create a backdrop behind your seating area with boxwood shrubs or something similar. They can be kept neat enough to complement a contemporary environment, yet they are classic enough to be welcoming in a rustic area.

Oversized Planters

You can get quite exaggerated with your planters. Choose oversized ones, especially those that look weathered. Rain barrels make great planters, as do garden troughs. Avoid those with patterns that will dictate a specific era.

Appia Antica Two Tier Lion Outdoor Water Fountain

Appia Antica Two Tier Lion Outdoor Water Fountain
Dimensions : 70" H x 40" D

Tiered Water Feature for Garden

Your outdoor living space will not be complete with a tiered water feature. For garden decorating, you can always choose smaller fountains, but you should have at least one large one to become a strong focal point. Tiered varieties are ideal. When you think of them, you picture Italian courtyards and Hollywood mansions. They just sort of fit in anywhere, and they make the space upscale without taking away from the warmth.

Ercolano Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain

Ercolano Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain
Dimensions: 70" H x 48" W

Non-matching Table and Chairs

If you plan on putting a dining table and chairs out there, avoid purchasing an actual set. Sets that all match instantly give you a hint of what year they were bought. Plus, mixing and matching pieces adds depth to the area and makes it a little more interesting. A wood table with sleek white chairs would be a great look.

Paestum Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain with Tall Base

Paestum Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain with Tall Base
Dimensions: 44" H x 24" D

Basket of Throws

When the temperature dips on those cool evenings, your guests won't be in a hurry to go anywhere when they can reach for a soft throw to curl up under. A large basket is perfect to put blankets in. You can always keep the basket inside in the mudroom or basement, and just bring it out when guests are over.