If you have not shopped for outdoor furnishings in a few years, or if you are moving into a home where you will have your first patio, you probably have no idea what type of furniture and décor pieces are even available. Some people think of a patio, and picture basic plastic furniture or table and chairs set, but if your taste is a little more elegant, rest-assured there are pieces today you will definitely fall in love with. You no longer need to stick with a fun, beach to find stylish decor. Manufacturers are making elegant items that are sophisticated enough to be on display in your home, yet durable enough to be used outside.


If you have ever booked a cabana at a resort or hotel pool then you know that just the presence of a pavilion changes the environment. Pavilions typically have the walls of fabric gathered at the four posts, but if a  light rain rolls through, or you simply want more privacy because your neighbors are outside, unfasten the corners and allow the fabric to create walls.

Bluworld 8 Gardenfall Indoor Outdoor Water Fountain - Dark Copper&Etched Glass

Bluworld 8 Gardenfall Indoor Outdoor Water Fountain - Dark Copper&Etched Glass

Glass Outdoor Fountains

Before you assume you are reading that wrong or cringe at the thought of glass being outside, try to keep an open mind. Glass outdoor fountains instantly make a space more elegant, and they are a lot more durable than you might think. After all, the windows of your house are glass. As long as the fountain is not positioned where it will be repeatedly hit by a branch or door blowing in the wind, these water features can do quite well outside.


If you do a lot of entertaining, you really can't go wrong with a sectional. Having the flexibility to separate and move around pieces is definitely a bonus.

Lounge Bed

You have probably at least seen a movie or TV show where a character had some type of stunning outdoor bed. Maybe it even had its own canopy. If you have a large enough space, this may be an option to consider.


The glow of a fire is definitely a welcomed feature in an elegant space. Bio fuel fireplaces are idea because they don't harm the environment and there is no odor or smoke. If you prefer a wood-burning fire, a chiminea can complement the environment you are creating. If you are not comfortable with fire, a patio heater will at least keep you warm.