Essentials for an Outdoor Meditation Space

June 22, 2017

If you have never meditated outside you don't know what you are missing. Many people meditate inside daily for years, bur when they do it for the first time outside they are amazed at how different and rewarding the experience is. There is something about the fresh air and sounds of nature around you that takes it to another level. If you take the time to create an actual meditation space outside, you will be more likely to enjoy your meditation time out there because the space will be set up and waiting for you.

Pick a Spot

A small pop up canopy or even a tent in the backyard will work.  You want a cover of some sort, so you are shielded from the sun and you aren't forced indoors, if it rains.

For the Floor

Comfort is important. So, add a rug or meditation mat, and several zafus and zabutons. You may want to choose products with removable and machine-washable covers. If you are new to meditation, you might consider support pillows for under your knees. Some people like to have one to rest their hands on to alleviate shoulder strain, too.

Tabletop Buddha Water Feature with LED Light

Tabletop Buddha Water Feature with LED Light
Dimensions: 13"L x 13"W x 19"H

Asian Outdoor Fountains

A water element is essential to have in a meditation space. The sound is soothing, and it will also help to drown out distracting neighborhood noises. Plus, as you may know, the movement of water creates positive energy, which is always beneficial to have around you. Asian outdoor fountains come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Buddha, garden lanterns, pagodas, and geisha girls are popular options.

Create an Altar

You will definitely want an altar, so you have somewhere to place your sacred items. You can actually buy alters, but you can easily make one, too. Take that pile of phone books you have been meaning to recycle to your meditation space, and cover them with fabric. Now you have an altar.

Gather Your Sacred Items

You should have at least one element to represent the five senses. Normally, you would need something to also represent nature, but since you are outside this is not necessarily.

  • Smell - Most use incense, but you may prefer essential oils, candles, or a fresh cut flower you can place near you to smell.

  • Touch - A touch stone or mala beads are generally preferred options.

  • Sound - Asian outdoor fountains fall in this category, but you might want to also add a Tibetan singing bowl, meditation bell, or meditation music.
  • Taste - A cup of tea is nice to have on your altar. You could also choose plain filtered water with a mint leaf or fresh lemon inside.

  • Sight - A meaningful statue or picture of an image, guru, symbol, or saint is needed. Choose something that inspires you.