Get Familiar with the Different Types of Outdoor Fountains

August 06, 2017

28" Zen Drop Garden Fountain

If you have not shopped for outdoor fountains yet, then you should be prepared to be pretty blown away. No one fully appreciates just how extensive the selection is until they really start looking. Years ago, the selection was nice, but due to supply-and-demand, this market has become huge. Not only is the variety diverse and likely far larger than you could imagine, outdoor fountains have also become quite affordable. Now anyone can transform their outdoor living space into a tranquil oasis.

Tiered – These water features offer a classic styling. There is just something magical about water cascading from one level to the next. Many of these varieties are a significant size, and some even have a large pool at the bottom. They are ideal for creating a focal point in the front yard.

Wall – You don’t need to have a castle with a moat and drawbridge to mount a water wall on the exterior of your home, but it will make you seem a little more mysterious to your neighbors.

Glass – Many people are under the impression that glass fountains are only appropriate for indoors, but this is not true. As long as it is not placed where a branch or anything else is going to bang at it in the wind, glass can hold up quite well outside. After all, you do have windows on your home! The great thing about this variety is that when the sun shines on the cascading water, it creates a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors for a dramatic display.

Corner – Just like in your living room, your deck can have an awkward corner as well. Corner wall fountains nestle nicely in this space. Alternatively, you can create the illusion of a corner in a garden as well.

Solar – Would you love to add a water element to all your flower beds, or place one out by the hammock under your favorite tree? Well, now you can, and you don’t have to worry about extension cords. Some even have a separate solar unit, so the charger part can be placed in the sun while the fountain stays in the shade.

Theme – Fountains today come in every style and theme imaginable. You will find that many of these varieties are crafted from cast stone because it is durable and practical for sculpting. Just some of the many themes you can look forward to choosing from include Asian, animal, angel, people, urn, sphere and waterfall.

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