Helpful Tips for Wall Water Fountain Maintenance and Care

June 22, 2017

Do you dread cleaning your water feature? Maybe you just haven't learned the tricks that make maintenance and cleaning easier. Are you considering buying one, but not sure if you want to commit to the upkeep you are assuming you will have to deal with? Rest-assured that wall water fountain maintenance and care is a lot easier than you are probably thinking.


Serendipity Falls Copper Wall Fountain


Start a Habit

The best habit you can get into is checking the water level of your fountain every day. The pump must be submerged at all times. Water evaporates at different rates throughout the year. In the hot, humid months, you might not need to fill it as often, but in the winter when it's dry, and you get a static shock every time you walk across the carpet, your water will evaporate faster.


Create a Cleaning Schedule

A lot of people fall into the trap of waiting until the water wall is dirty or smelly to clean it. At this point it has been left too long, and it is a larger project than it should be. Create  a cleaning schedule. Write it on your calendar or tell Siri or Cortana, and keep this appointment like you would any other appointment.


Use Distilled Water

If you fill your fountain with distilled water, you won't have to clean it as often or work as hard when you do. Hard water from the tap has minerals that create stains on the fountain. This is not a problem when you use distilled water. Keep in mind that you will also have to keep distilled water on-hand to replace evaporated water.

Now, it is not always practical to do this, especially if you have a very large fountain. Fortunately, there is an alternative. There are water treatment products you can use that work with regular tap water to help prevent white scale.


Spoil the Pump

Although the pump is unseen it is the most important component of your fountain. Some focus on cleaning what you actually see, but if the pump is not kept clean, you will be scrubbing those surfaces a lot more often. Use an old toothbrush to really get in the crevices of the pump, and make sure the tubing gets the same amount of attention. Think of the tubing as being the veins of the fountain. When dirty, water flow is restricted.


Ignore Your Inner Environmentalist

The environmentalist in your will want to shut the fountain off every time you leave the house or go to sleep. Ignore this urge. Shutting off the pump allows the water to get stagnant. When this happens, your pump has to work harder, and you will have to clean your water feature more frequently.