If you are looking to create a living room that is completely different than what anyone else has, then a neoclassic theme may be perfect for you. It is not very often you see this theme anywhere other than an interior decorating magazine. This could be partially because many people do not quite know what it is, and those who are a fan of theme have no idea how to go about creating the right look.

Triptych Falls Lightweight Slate Fountain, Copper Vein Trim

Triptych Falls Lightweight Slate Fountain, Copper Vein Trim

Start with the Walls

If you were creating any other themed space, brown paint would probably not be on your supply list. However, in a neoclassic room, a rich, deep, chocolaty brown is an essential. Do not worry about the dark walls making the entire room dark, because there will be enough light accents to brighten it up. Paint all the walls this deep velvety color, and then use a bright white on trim, window sills, and door frames. If you have a fireplace mantle this can be painted white, too.

Classic Furniture

Your furniture selection can really make or break this look. The pieces should be simple, and although not modern, you do not want them to scream vintage either. A pair of wheat-colored, petite, rolled-arm chairs will be perfect. If you do not absolutely need a coffee table, then skip it. A couple of end tables in a rich mahogany or cherry wood will look stunning.

Add the Essentials

  • Water Fountains - Why are water fountains essential in a neoclassic space? Well, because the room needs a focal point, and finding the perfect art piece for this theme is nearly impossible. Water fountains naturally become a focal point in the room they occupy without becoming a distraction or taking away from the surroundings. A glass or slate one would look exceptional in this space.
  • Rug - A graphic-patterned rug is essential. If you are brave enough to have a large white rug with a brown simple pattern it would really set the tone for the space nicely.
  • Drapery - Floor-to-ceiling drape panels in a different print from the rug is recommended. These should also be white with a brown print. Even if the top of the window frame is not near the ceiling, your curtain rod will be all the way up there to create height.
  • Décor - Keep your décor simple. A white lamp and a couple of porcelain vases are really all you need.