There are few things more convenient than having a circular driveway. Not being forced to back out into a road is always a bonus, but as you likely already know, a circular driveway can really give a home a lot of curb appeal. Of course, the level of curb appeal depends on how creative you get decorating that focal point. Keep in mind that if you do nothing with the space that circular driveway you love so much can actually make your property less attractive, as well.

Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin
Dimensions: 78"H x 104"W

Outdoor Fountains with Pool

One of the smartest things you can do with that large patch of grass is turning it into a work of art. Outdoor fountains with a pool can completely transform the space on their own. These wall features are typically of a significant size. Some automatically picture tiered styles when they think of outdoor fountains with pools, but there are a lot of other varieties available today. So, whether you are looking for a water feature that is classic, contemporary, charming, or unusual, you will have no problem finding one you love.

Small Contemporary Tier Fountain in Valencia Pool

Small Contemporary Tier Fountain in Valencia Pool
Dimensions: 59" x 64"

Sitting Area

Unless you are waiting for a ride somewhere or hanging out in your front yard, so a friend visiting your home for the first time can find you easier, it is highly unlikely that you will actually use any furniture kept there. Still, there is no denying that a wrought iron bench or bistro table and chairs will look charming in this space.

Retaining Wall

Not only can you have a retaining wall built in a semi-circle; you can have several walls created at different intervals or steps. This creates a lot of depth and gives you the opportunity to plant shrubs, plants, or flowers on each level. Of course, you can just add a bunch of flower pots, if you prefer. You can always place an outdoor fountain with pool in front of the manmade steps, so they act as a backdrop to the water display.

San Martino Outdoor Water Fountain for Spouts

San Martino Outdoor Water Fountain for Spouts
Dimensions: 59" H x 52" W

Flowering Tree

One dynamic and beautiful flowering tree will look lovely here. You can always put a bench or café table under the tree, as well. Popular picks include sassafras, redbud, flowering dogwood, flowering crabapple, fringe tree, sweetbay magnolia, chaste tree, American yellowwood, crape myrtle, and seven-son flowering tree.

Flower Garden

You can get really creative transforming that empty area into a flower garden. Maybe you want to eliminate all grass, so it is full of shrubs and flowers. Alternately, you could put an outdoor fountain with pool in the center, and then a wide flowerbed encircling the perimeter.