Nothing brings an outdoor space to life quite like an outdoor fountain. That being said, nothing ruins the overall aesthetic of an outdoor living space quite as fast as a dirty fountain. Do not assume that you will spend the warm months slaving over your fountain though. These pieces do not need nearly as much upkeep as you may think.

Cascade Outdoor Fountain

Cascade Outdoor Fountain
Dimensions: 26"H x 39.5"W

If you look at our selection here at Soothing Walls, you will likely agree that we have a style for every need and personal taste. Whether you want to mount one on the exterior of your home, use one as a centerpiece on your deck, or place a few in your flowerbeds and garden, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here.

Buddha Water Feature

Buddha Water Feature
Dimensions: 20" L x 20" W x 33" H

    • Placement - Since we do offer such a vast selection, you can be picky about which style you purchase. You may want to put one under that old oak tree, but then you will need to deal with it constantly getting filled with leaves and twigs. If you are concerned with maintenance, avoid putting one where it will welcome a lot of debris.
    • Never Turn Off - Outdoor fountains do not use much electricity, so they should not be shut down while you are away at work all day or when you go inside for the night. When you allow the water to sit, it becomes stagnant and very inviting to mosquitoes and other insects. A constant flow will keep your water clean longer.
    • Remove Debris - It only takes a minute while you are talking on the phone or playing fetch with the dog to remove large pieces of debris. Sticks and twigs can compromise pump function, while organic matter, such as leaves and grass clippings will alter the balance of the water and make it dirty as it decays.
    • Check Water Level - The pump cannot work properly if the water level dips below the full line. Understand that you will need to add water more frequently when it is hotter out because it will constantly evaporate.
    • Clean Regularly - Scrubbing your fountain likely will not be your favorite activity, but if you do it sooner than later, it will not be such a monumental project.
    • Use a Water Treatment - If you have indoor water fountains, there is a good chance you use distilled water to fill them. Obviously, this is not practical with outdoor varieties, considering they will constantly have rainwater added, too. Using a water treatment product will help reduce stains and slime left behind by hard water.