When you followed your dream and opened your café a decade ago, you loved that nothing matched. Maybe you purchased a variety of furniture and décor pieces that were on sale or perhaps you picked up a lot of things at yard sales and refinished them for a more personal touch. The silverware was as mismatched as the mugs, but you didn't care. All these things worked together to create an environment known for its inviting charm. Now, years later, your business has grown into one of the most popular venues in the city. Maybe it's a hot tourist spot because it's near a hotel or attraction, or perhaps everyone in the financial district has made this their routine morning stop through the years. Whatever the case is, it's bigger than you ever expected. You're thinking about redecorating or modernizing a bit, but you don't want to lose that charm that attracted folks from the start. So, what changes do you make?


Paint is always the easiest way to change the entire look of a space without doing a whole lot of anything else. Perhaps you have had beige or white walls all this time because they are a "safe" option. Where is the fun in this? Pick a bold color and go with it. You can always paint it back if you end up hating it in the future. You don't have to commit to painting the entire café either. Choose the largest wall, and make it an accent wall. Alternately, you can paint all the walls different colors, if you have that kind of fun environment. Be sure to use paint that offers minimal fumes or paint on a day when you won't be open for a while. You don't want to try to paint while customers are circulating. The smell will not be appreciated.


Upgrading the lighting fixtures can have quite a big impact. It's time to finally ditch those boring overhead lights. Wall sconces, lanterns, pendants, and even chandeliers will look fantastic. If you have dark areas of the room, like a sofa in a corner folks fight over because it's next to an outlet where they can plug in their computer, add a small lamp over there that customers can turn off and on as they need to.

Solitude River Three Panel Wall Fountain With Logo

Solitude River Three Panel Wall Fountain With Logo
Dimensions: 69"H x 78"W x 6"D

Commercial Fountains

When you opened all those years ago, you might not have had much competition. Now, cafes have popped everywhere. Some have probably even stolen some of your signature drinks, gave them a twist, and claim them as their own. It's time to do something that will once again help you stand out from others in your area. Commercial fountains are the smart choice. Now, you might be thinking that you have priced commercial fountains and there is no way you can budget for you. You can! You just have to make it a priority. Besides, commercial fountains are a great marketing tool, so they practically pay for themselves in time.

Bathroom Remodel

Quite often it is a bathroom remodel in a business that makes the biggest impact. Most of your patrons at some point are going to use the bathroom, even if it's just to fix their hair or make a phone call where it's quiet. Focus on making the bathroom a place that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who enters.