As people become more aware of the benefits a water fountain brings, a lot of of designs and styles are popping up in the market today.  When shopping for an indoor wall fountain, most likely one will be blown away at how large the selection is. Choosing the right one is very important. One of the most popular choice is the mirror wall fountains. The  visual display and soothing sounds that water makes as it cascades over the mirror will create a stunning and calming focal point wherever a water fountain is placed. These water features can be customized by etching your company's name or personal statement into the mirror's glass, creating professional elegance when placed behind the reception desk, waiting room  or lobby.


Deep Creek Falls Mirror Wall Fountain with Rustic Copper Trim and Silver Mirror Surface
Dimensions: 69"H x 91"W x 6"D

Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain with Copper and Mirror Surface reveals the true beauty of nature with wonderful waterfall sounds. This wall fountain will be the focal point in any setting because of its bold and fascinating presence.


Sunrise Springs Mirror Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 35"H x 52"W x 6"D

Add instant elegance to your space with the Sunrise Springs Mirror Wall Fountain. Mirror has the unparalleled ability to complement nearly any décor while also energizing a room. As the water flows over the surface, the overhead halogen lights create a subtle kaleidoscope of colors; just the way the sun’s rays do on the fresh morning dew.

A water tight tray liner ensures there will never be any leakage and a pebble beach splash guard keeps surrounding furniture and the wall and floor from getting soaked. It also comes with a superior water distribution system that will not spray or clog. The simplistic design and material makes this an ideal water feature to add your logo to for a lasting impression.


Whispering Creek Mirror Wall Fountain
Size: 46"H x 22"W x 5"D

Despite its generous size at 46 inches high, the Whispering Creek Mirror Wall Fountain is surprisingly lightweight and easy on your walls, weighing just 50 pounds with water. This American-made product will bring elegance to any room it occupies. Halogen lighting at the top of the frame highlights the gentle curves of the water as it flows over the mirror face to a bed of polished river rocks below. Also, since mirror is reflective, it will add energy to the room while also helping the space to appear larger. The Whispering Creek Mirror Wall Fountain comes with a recirculating electric pump, and is easy to mount with its “EZ” installation bracket.


Contempo Solare Bronze Mirror and Dark Copper Wall Fountain 
Product Dimensions: 36"H x 19"W x 6"D
Weight: 29 lbs.

Place the Contempo Solare Bronze Mirror and Dark Copper Wall Fountain on any empty wall in your home or office and enjoy the many benefits. Not only is this fountain beautiful but it humidifies and cleans the air as it releases negative ions. This fountain is easy to install as well, less than half an hour, and the hanging hardware is included. This beautifully dark copper finished fountain is made to last for years to come.


Sunrise Springs Mirror Wall Fountain 
Dimensions: 35"H x 52"W x 6"D

The Sunrise Springs Mirror Wall Fountain will bring the beauty and tranquility of nature's sights and sounds into your home or office. Because of its bold presence, the fountain will be the focal point in any setting. The face of this unique fountain is highlighted with three 50 watt halogen lights which bring out the stunning variety of hues in the natural slate. You may choose between the traditional look of squared edges for the hood and tray or the newly available rounded edge look. Also, pick fountain's face. The water fountain is shipped with an EZ installation bracket for ease in installation, as well as a step by step installation and maintenance video on DVD.


Cascade Springs Mirror Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 54"H x 25"W x 6"D

The Cascade Springs Mirror Wall Fountain  is ideal for smaller spaces, whether it be residential or commercial.  Instantly add an engraved logo by simply uploading the image at checkout!  This indoor wall mounted fountain features serene design aspects with it's one of a kind surface material and trim finish.  Whether you choose natural slate or mirrored surface, the Cascade Springs Wall Fountain will impress your visitors! Pull chain allows you to control the fountain without touching the cord (Lights and Water On, Only Lights On, Only Water On, Lights and Water Off).