Outdoor Décor Pieces that Will Draw Attention Away From Faded Furniture

June 22, 2017

Does that furniture you loved initially already look like it is years old? Of course, you are not ready to buy new furniture already. Even if the budget allows, it is the principle of the matter. You have not had a chance to use it, but just looking at it probably is not inspiring a Saturday BBQ. Well, rather than retire those furniture pieces before their time, add a new piece of décor so dynamic that it will become the center of attention. Guests will not even notice how faded your furniture is. Below are a few ideas. Plus, do yourself a favor and also purchase a large patio umbrella to prevent further fading from occurring.

22" Walnut Log Outdoor Garden Fountain with LED Lights

Waterfall Outdoor Fountains

You could have holes and stains all over your furniture and guests probably would not even notice with the right water element. Waterfall outdoor fountains bring an organic and unparalleled beauty to a patio that constantly becomes a focal point. Yet, their natural appeal pulls this off without looking like you are actually trying to cover something up. The sound and visual display water makes cascading over natural-looking rock very soothing. Many have LEDs, so even in the evening they are the topic of conversation.

Fire Element

It is nearly impossible to notice anything else when you are in the presence of a dancing flame. Fire tables are very popular right now. These are functional pieces of art that serve multiple purposes. If you are looking for a wood-burning fire you can roast marshmallows over, consider a chiminea or a fire pit. If you want an environmentally friendly option but are not ready to shell out a ton of cash, even a bio ethanol or gel tabletop fireplace will do the job.

New Furniture Piece

Okay, you are probably saying the whole idea is that you do not want to buy new furniture. Well, you are not actually going to get rid of any pieces. Simply buy one new piece to add to your patio that is so eye-catching everyone will notice that it is new. Eucalyptus is really hot right now, so even a eucalyptus rocking chair or bench will work.


If your rug is attractive enough it will have guests focused on trying to figure out if it is actually made for the outdoors, or not. They may not even remember what your furniture looked like the next day, but they will remember the rug!

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