Reasons to Add A Wall Fountain

June 22, 2017

Adding a wall fountain can transform your space into something you can truly feel happy in.  As a focal point, a wall water feature is a necessary and beneficial element in every room. It is something that the eyes can rest on and the sound and display of cascading water is extremely calming.  A beautiful art piece, it creates a memorable lasting impression.

Serendipity Wall Fountain with Stainless Steel Trim

Dimensions: 16"W x 53"H x 6.5"D
Weight: 100 LBS

The Serendipity Wall Fountain with Stainless Steel Trim will make a stunning wall decor for home or offices and will always be a focal point in any setting.

Central Square Indoor Wall Fountain

Dimension: 24"H x 26"W x 5"D

Bring a contemporary look into any office space or room in the home with the eye catching style of the Central Square Wall Fountain from Kenroy Home. Framed by beautiful bronze and illuminated by subtle halogen lights, the textured faux slate background creates a wonderful ambiance that is sure to bring a touch of nature into any room as water gracefully trickles down its surface. The peaceful sounds of gently flowing water produced by the Central Square wall fountain can add a sense of tranquility and relaxation to any room or office that might other wise exude a stressful atmosphere.

Canyon Wall Fountain

Canyon Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 27"W x 48"H x 6"D

The Canyon Wall Fountain is a unique and beautiful piece. This wall fountain will be a beautiful accent to your home's interior walls with its colorful design and water that simply comes alive. This wall fountain took a lot of meticulous processes to give you first of its kind natural patina look and texture. There has been a lot of pounding, twisting, flattening, hammering, heating works and blending the right chemicals for the perfect finish. All these work are done just to get the nice magical look that you'd surely love.

Aviatrix I Wall Fountain

Aviatrix I Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 48"H x 28"W

The Aviatrix I Wall Fountain is a unique art wall fountain inspired by a bizarre-looking branch that was jutting out from a tree. With water steers clear of the edges as if by magic, it is a perfect display to any room.  The fountain's backdrop is made of a material called Lexan, which is extremely durable and virtually unbreakable. The image is hand painted onto the reverse side of the Lexan acrylic panel.

Majestic River Marble Wall Fountain

Majestic River Marble Wall Fountain

Dimensions: 69"H x 54"W x 6"D

The Majestic River Wall Fountain will bring the beauty and tranquility of nature's sights and sounds into your home or office. Because of its bold presence, the fountain will be the focal point in any setting. The face of this unique fountain is highlighted with six 50 watt halogen lights which illuminate the falling water, creating a lovely shimmering effect. You may choose between the traditional look of squared edges for the hood and tray and the newly available rounded edge look.

 Copper Radius Wall Fountain

Copper Radius Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 48"H x 36"W x 10"D

Create a healthy, beautiful environment with the unique and functional Copper Radius Wall Fountain. Copper and stainless look wonderful together and this fountain is the only high performance water feature designed to enhance the healing process by providing an environment that attracts and kills airborne pathogens, filters and traps dust and dirt particles from the air and prevents the growth of molds and other bacteria making it the perfect water feature for health care facilities. The two tones compliment each other to create a delightful wall feature for any room. It also has lights in the top to accent the patina surface treatment. This water feature is a sight to behold and will make an impressive statement in any home or business.

The Copper Radius Wall Fountain is equipped with a patented inorganic, anti-microbial coating to inhibit the growth of microbes, interrupt the reproduction of mold, fungus and virus cells and inhibit their metabolism. If bacteria can't grow, it can't live. Developed in conjunction with Kloppenberg, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of laboratory and medical specialties, this fountain is easy to maintain. In a study conducted on these fountains at various times over a 30-day period, results showed that a 3 x 7 foot water features cleans the air as well as a 425 cfm HEPA Air Cleaner with less noise and maintenance.