Redecorate Your Dining Room and Make Your Guests Jealous

June 22, 2017

Do you love to entertain? Are you one of those people who plan a dinner party just so you have an excuse to try a recipe you found or buy a new serving tray or kitchen gadget? If you were essentially born to entertain then your house likely sees a constant flow of both familiar and new faces. After all, everyone has at least one friend who always has a different date for every event. Plus, depending on where you work, you might have a high employee turnaround. Having new hires is a reason to throw a dinner party, too, isn't it? If you want to really "wow" your guests, so they go home and secretly talk about you and your house, add one, or a few, of the following elements to your dining room.

Trinity Falls Wall Fountain

Customized Water Walls

There is nothing else you can possibly add to your dining area that will top this. Customized water walls are one-of-a-kind pieces that will inspire dropped jaws as folks enter the room. You get to choose the material, trim, size, and style to create a piece that complements your space perfectly. Customized water walls are more than just exquisite pieces of art though. They also create a soothing and healthier atmosphere. Not to mention, they are a nice topic of conversation for shy guests looking for something interesting to talk about with the person next to them to avoid that uncomfortable silence.

Wall Fireplace

The perfect complement to a water wall is a wall fireplace. Water and fire are two powerful feng shui elements. Guests are sure to appreciate the harmonic atmosphere you create by their presence. A dancing flame promotes an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Since this is a high traffic area, a wall variety is perfect. This will ensure that it is out of the way of foot traffic and mounted at a level in which everyone will be able to appreciate equally. Bio ethanol and gel create realistic fires. Electric fireplaces do not create the same type of fire, but they are cheap to operate and you can control the intensity of the heat. Some even let you turn the heat off completely and just enjoy the ambiance.

Eye-catching Lighting 

As everyone is gathered around the table the one thing they will all focus on is the light above them. Well, they will if it is attractive enough to capture their attention. A boring light simply will not do. An eclectic chandelier or a cluster of modern pendants are ideal. Do not be afraid to venture away from the norm. Your guests will find you a little more mysterious and a lot more interesting if you do.

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