CAMAS, WASHINGTON – December 12, 2012 – The air we breathe is electrically charged with both positive and negative ions. Positive ions emit from appliances including televisions, refrigerators, cell phones, computers, and more, and research shows that breathing in these ions decreases energy levels and adversely affects our body’s ability to fight infections and cancer-causing free radicals. Indoor water fountains are a natural source of negative ions that help to counteract the effects of the positive ions we are surrounded with. A wall fountain encourages the same healthy negative ions that are found near bodies of moving water including the ocean, rivers and streams.

When the water droplets hit the surface of the water walls, negative ions are released into the surrounding air. Water generated negative ions are linked to the human body’s immune system activation and is believed to have anti-tumor activity. These water-generated ions have a long life and significantly enhance the activity of creating a healthy air quality in the home or office. Scientific research from the Yokohama City University Medical Center shows that water-generated negative air ions inhibit carcinogenis.

In addition to the cancer fighting functions and improved immune system functioning, the ions released from water walls and water fountains help to increase serotonin levels in the body. Increased serotonin levels are associated with better moods, less fatigue, reduce depression and help to alleviate stress. The air quality of most homes and offices today needs improvement and the addition of a water wall or water fountain is an ideal solution to bring healthy negative ions into the building.

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