7.5' Gardenfall Slate Tech and Dark Copper Floor Fountain with LED Lights
Dimensions: 90"H x 32"W x 16"D

Considering floor water fountains are such show-stopping, attention-grabbing pieces of art, it is important that you put a little thought into your buying decision. This is a significant purchase that is going to capture the eye of every guest who walks through your door. Since it will become a huge focal point, it is vital that you make sure this is the type of fountain you want, and that it will complement your living space perfectly. Below are a few questions to ask yourself when you are trying to make a decision.


6' Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain
6' Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain
Dimensions: 72"H x 24"W x 15"D
Weight: 180 lbs.

Do I Have the Floor Space?

It is perfectly natural to be attracted to a larger piece, such as our gorgeous Tranquil River Floor Fountain, but you need to make sure you have the floor space to accommodate something so significant. If you are trying to figure out what piece of furniture you can eliminate to make room for it then perhaps something a little smaller would be more appreciated. You do not want the water feature to swallow the room. Plus, you do not want people tripping over it.

Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Center Mounted

Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Center Mounted
Dimensions: 90"H x 41"W x 14"D
Weight: 300 lbs.

We have floor varieties in nearly every size imaginable here at Soothing Walls, so finding a perfect one should not be too hard. For an extra small space, consider placing one of our large tabletop fountains on the floor.

Does the Fountain Complement the Décor?

If you are like most you probably were not expecting to be faced with such a large selection. So, it is important to recognize if you are making a decision based on what is best for the room or on what you are instantly attracted, too. You may all of a sudden decide you want one of our bubble floor fountains simply because it is a new and exciting concept to you, but if it will not match your color palette, theme, décor, etc., then it is going to instantly become a dreadful distraction. Make sure you are not just buying on impulse. The current environment must be considered when making your decision.

Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets, you have to be prepared for your fountain to become a water bowl. Dogs and cats cannot resist a moving water source. This is why your cat wants to drink out of the dripping tap in the bathtub and your dog prefers the hose over his full water bowl that is just sitting there next to it. This is perfectly fine. You just have to make sure you are prepared to clean the fountain a little more often to ensure their health is not compromised. If you use a water treatment, make sure it is pet-friendly. Most importantly, check the water level daily. It is important that the water level does not get low, or it will ruin your pump.