Deep Creek Falls Marble Wall Fountain in Rainforest Brown Marble and Blackened Copper Trim
Deep Creek Falls Marble Wall Fountain in Rainforest Brown Marble and Blackened Copper Trim 
Dimensions: 69"H x 91"W x 6"D

There are few pieces of art that can compete with a wall fountain. Although all water features provide a space with beauty and a ton of fantastic benefits, wall-mounted varieties are the ones most turn to when their goal is to create a dynamic focal point. The raw beauty of this material makes it deserving of being placed at eye level where it can capture your attention and truly dominate a space.

Marble is not a material that will sit back quietly and allow a different piece of art to be the center of attention. The depth that this material brings to a space cannot be matched. This is why these fountains are ideal in a minimalistic environment or even a room that you simply have not had time to decorate yet. When you have a piece such as our Deep Creek Falls Marble Wall Fountain on display, you do not need other works of art. Guests will not be able to take their eyes off of it, and it is sure to spark up a few conversations at your next cocktail party.


Is Your Space Right for One?

You may be looking at the selection of marble water walls we have here at Soothing Walls and question whether they are too showy for your space. Maybe you simply have not done much decorating and you are scared something so dynamic will highlight the flaws. In all fairness, most homes can welcome one of these fountains. If you have older furniture and not much décor you can instantly transform a drab space into one that is simply sensational. You may not even realize how much the room needed the facelift until it is given one with one of these pieces.

If almost everything you own is black, then black spider marble is perfect. However, if you are looking for something that will bring subtle elegance to a space, our Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain in green rainforest marble and paired to an antique black copper trim would be perfect. If you have a neutral color palate, one of our water walls in brown forest with a copper or antique copper trim will complement the warm space you have created.

About the only environment that will not welcome one of these pieces with open arms is one that is already over-decorated, unless you are willing to give up a few things. A marble fountain will become a distraction in a room decorated with a vibrant color palette, loud patterns, or extensive art collections.