You do not need to have an enormous dining room to create a space worthy of entertaining. You simply need to make the most of every inch you have to work with. Whether you enjoy hosting dinner parties or if you simply like to unplug from electronic devices and enjoy your meals in a proper setting, you can create a dining room that you will love to eat in.

Use Benches

Rather than have a table and chairs that barely allows room to move, put those walls to better use. You can buy tables with benches or you could simply build benches at two joining walls. Add a table to that corner, and place chairs or benches on the other two sides. Now you can squeeze more people around a table in a more comfortable and inviting way.

Chi Falls Wall/Floor Fountain

Chi Falls Wall/Floor Fountain

Indoor Wall Fountains

Every room needs a focal point, and this includes a small dining room. Obviously, you do not have space for a larger statue or even a side table, but you do have blank walls. Indoor wall fountains are the perfect pieces of art for these spaces. They mount out-of-the-way, draw the eye in, and create a soothing environment. Plus, the sound of cascading water will drown out noise from your neighbors that you do not want to hear while enjoying your well-prepared meal.

Make Use of Mirror

Interior decorators and home-staging professionals love to decorate with mirror because it makes a small space appear significantly larger. You can buy a cheap mirror and have a craft day creating your own piece of art with it, or check flea markets and antique stores for a vintage one. Mirror serving trays can have the same effect.

Two-toned Walls

An easy way to make a ceiling look taller is with two-toned walls. Rather than split the wall horizontally right in the middle, take the line up a bit, sort of like a pair of high-waisted pants. You could paint the bottom white and then a bold color on the top portion.

Thoughtful Light Fixture

Your light fixture above the table should be selected thoughtfully. This one element allows you to bring a lot of personality to the space, and it is something that everyone around the table will look at. Chandeliers are nice, but pendants are really hot right now. The fixture can also be used to create balance. For example, if you have a square table and straight benches, a round fixture will soften the space a bit.