The Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain is a popular water wall to place above a couch in a family room or behind a counter in a office setting.  Here is a photo and review of this great water fountain:

Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain

Dear soothing wall

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how pleased I was with the purchase of our Water Wall. From the initial look at your Website, to the exceptional customer service and the ease of installation, it has all been a great experience.

I’m always concerned about ordering things over the Web, especially items I have never seen, such as a water wall. I never feel comfortable that I will get the same thing I was looking at. In this case, because I was able to see actual photographs of the stone I received exactly what I picked out. What a great idea that was.

The constant contact from Loren was exceptional, not only did he respond quickly to my Emails but was very accessible by phone too. This gave me piece of mind, along with knowing I have a contact number that works. As most people know when you order on line you never really know what’s going on until it shows up at the door.

The installation was made so easy by the video that my 9 year old son helped me with putting some of the pieces together and the cleaning. The mounting hardware was heavy but easy to manage because of the center hole that allowed me to make sure it was straight, another great idea.

Once the mounting was up the rest just fell into place. The stone does need 2 adults to lift, but mounts right on the wall with no problem. There was no trying to hold it with one hand while trying to align, or put on extra hardware, or move cords,  like most things that mount on the wall require.

Anyway in short thanks Loren and everyone working at Soothing Walls for making this new endeavor so easy.

Mark Zufan