If you have friends and family who often stay with you when they come to town for a visit then you probably take a lot of pride in your guest room. You have gone out of the way to create a room folks are impressed by, yet they feel comfortable in it. No one wants to stay in a room where they're scared to wrinkle the blankets, but it is sure is nice to have some conveniences that you might find in a hotel. After all, the people staying in the room could be on their vacation, so they should at least feel like it. Add a few of these surprises to your guest room and people will be planning their next visit before they even leave.


It's nice to have a small television in the room, but you really don't want to pay for cable to another room that only gets used occasionally. Adding a Roku or Fire Stick to the TV will allow them to watch television without disturbing others in the house. Sometimes, it can be hard to adjust to new schedules, especially if they are visiting from a different time zone. They don't want to be a bother and hang out in the living room after everyone has gone to bed, but they aren't tired either. Having this in the room will be a nice touch. The great thing about Roku is that the newer models have remote controls with earbuds. So they don't have to be scared to wake up whoever is in the next room with the sound from the show they are watching.

M-Series Veranda Fountain

M-Series Veranda Fountain
Dimension: 9.5"H x 15"W x 15"D

Water Features for the Guest Room

You may be saying, "Water features for the guest room? Seriously" Well, why not? Fountains are not reserved for only one room in the house. First, the sound of cascading water will help soothe their mind. If they are having trouble sleeping, the sound of one of these will help them reach dreamland a lot faster. Plus, it will drown out other noises. So, if you put grandma in the guestroom that happens to be next to your teenage son's room, she won't have to be up all night listening to whatever first-person shooter game they are playing on Xbox.

Small Nojoqui Falls Wall Water Fountain

Small Nojoqui Falls Wall Water Fountain
Dimensions: 31.3"H x 12.8"W x 5.8"D

Mini Fridge

You don't have to get anything elaborate here. Just buy a very small mini fridge that is large enough to hold some bottles of water and maybe a bowl of fresh fruit or a piece of dessert they were too full to eat after dinner. If you do put snacks in there, make sure you include any necessary silverware, and don't forget a few napkins.

Temperature Essentials

Not everyone is going to be comfortable at whatever temperature you happen to keep your house at. A small space heater or heating blanket will help keep them toasty, if you like to turn the heat way down at night. A fan will help keep them cool, if your house is hot and they are used to central air. Plus, the fan will circulate the air in the room. Since, they will likely have the door closed; the fan will prevent the room from becoming stuffy.