Tailored to Fit: Creating a Truly Personalized Living Room

June 22, 2017

Do you look through interior decorating magazines looking for inspiration, but never seem to have anything jump out at you? If you really want to decorate your living room, but cannot seem to settle on a theme or color palette, maybe you are trying too hard. Perhaps you are too focused on trying to fit into a certain theme or mold. Maybe you are worried what other people will say about your space. Forget all the rules! Tailor to fit your living room with a design that best represents your personality, and it is sure to be magical.

Have Fun with Paint

Who cares what the hot colors are for the year? What color would you like to see on your walls? Do you like the look of an accent wall? You could always create a backwards accent wall by making only one wall a light color and the others the bold shade that would traditionally be used to create such a look. Maybe you want to try pin-stripping or a sponge paint effect on a wall. If you are artistic you could always paint a mural.

Furnish for You

Forget the sofa, loveseat, chair, and coffee table combination. Add furniture pieces that you want, rather than what you feel you should have according to the norm. If you do not have a need for a sofa, do not buy one. Maybe you would like a few giant bean bag chairs scattered around instead. If you are someone who simply prefers sitting on the floor then perhaps just buy some cushions. You can even create the illusion of a sitting area with soft blankets and decorative pillows on the floor against a wall where your sofa would traditionally go.

Personalize Items

You can put a personal twist on nearly any element in a room. Buy plastic utility shelving instead of expensive shelving units, and spray paint them purple, green, or any other accent color you are working with. Grab a stencil and a paintbrush, and put your personal touch on cupboards, dressers, and mirrors. You can even buy fabric that you love to create pillow cases or chair protectors, if you can't find anything premade that catches your eye.

Mirage Waters Wall Fountain with Stainless Steel

Customized Water Walls

Every room needs a focal point, and it is even more important in a nontraditional room. When someone walks into a space filled with unexpected elements it can be very unsettling. There is so much to take in that the eyes will scan the room over-and-over again. Believe it or not, this increases anxiety. Customized water walls are perfect for this type of environment. You get to choose the size, style, material, and trim to complement your space and personal taste. Customized water walls create a focal point that is as soothing as it is beautiful.

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